Lousy Timing

Of all the luck! Wouldn’t you know, when I’m trying to announce the release of my new novel, the hits on my blog plummet to horrific lows?!

Of course, this is intentional somehow. I’m certain there’s a conspiracy to keep the eyes of the public away from my book. And while I’ve had almost 150 downloads during the first two days it was free, that’s a tiny fraction of what I got when I did the same thing with my short story collection A Fine Cast of Characters. It got over 1100 downloads.
Of course, NONE of those were from the lending library of Amazon’s Kindle, which would have generated an income, but still. So far, things don’t look good for the exposure of my first complete novel to be released. And now I’m torn between trying to decide whether to sandwich trying to write a new book in here with the promotion or just wait for a bit until the dust settles.
Speaking of sandwiches, I love egg sandwiches. Fried egg sandwiches, to be exact. You take bread and make toast out of it, then you fry a couple of eggs with broken yolks to a consistency which you enjoy and doesn’t run down your arms when you try to eat it. I like mayo and a touch of mustard for condiments, and just a pinch of salt and pepper for flavor. If you really like texture with your eggs, you can top with some crispy fried bacon, and a bit of cheese on top never hurt anyone who isn’t lactose intolerant. Muenster, Gouda, American, Swiss and thin mild Cheddar all make great choices.
So, am I desperate or what?
Have a great Wednesday, and I’ll see you later in the week.

3 thoughts on “Lousy Timing

  1. I would promote this one heavily rather than starting a new one.

    Well, it’s not as easy to do that as it sounds. And while I have two other collections for people to chew on, most folks don’t like short story collections, so having another book buyers can find is key. Still, I’d like to promote this one and see what happens. One of my readers said it could be a movie.

    I like tuna sandwiches. Tuna, mayo, dill relish, celery, green onions, salt and pepper on any type of bread with some lettuce and yum-mee!

    I love tuna sandwiches too! Sounds great! Man, I’m going to miss bread. 😦 Ah, well…I’ll be thin. How unhappy can I be when that happens?

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