Work, Life, and Other Nonsense


Well, I’m struggling at work again. I’ve discovered one of my tools has broken at work (software), and I don’t know how to fix it. The same behavior is manifest on my home computer, too, and I don’t know how to fix it. I’ve turned to the Great Oracle Google over and over, and even the Lesser Oracle Bing, but neither have turned up any answers. I’ve posted on two different forums and NO ONE on EITHER has provided anything of use. I’m simply out of ideas. I thought perhaps re-imaging my computer might fix it, but because I have the same behavior on my home computer, I know that won’t work. I don’t know what to do. My boss gave me permission to buy the full-fledged, $500 version, but I’m embarrassed to do it. He also gave me permission to get training. That I will do. I’m looking at online computer programming training. I’m tired of being lost and over my head. I’m going to address this.

He also says I can do it at work, but not to spend all day doing it at work. That’s awesome. I plan to watch at least one video a day and get proficient at this somehow. SOMEHOW.

So, please Lord, get me through it all somehow.


My wife and I continue struggling with our weight. I don’t know why. She doesn’t either. But we’re not giving up. We’re just…flustered. Eh.

Other than that, things at home are good.

Other Nonsense

I’ve been writing again. I wrote something which will appear in a fiction swap with my buddy Bryce, and we’ll have author interviews to exchange also. Fun.

I’ve added to the outline of my new story, which is very good news. I got past a couple of sticky problems, with the help of my beloved. She’s a great source of information and an excellent sounding board. The challenge is coming up with plausibility in situations we’ve never lived through. It’s also set in the past, which is hard to research because day-to-day life then was different, and so were mindsets. Those things are challenging to write.

So. Oh, I’ll be publishing another of my short stories from the short story collections as a stand-alone book next month. That will be true probably until I publish the new WIP. With the outline being so much more detailed, I can’t imagine the writing of this one will take nine months as the last one did. At least, I hope not. But I know staying in the eye of the readers is key, so I’m trying to have my work go up more frequently. Generating interest ain’t easy!

That’s it. Didn’t do much else this weekend – how ‘bout you?


2 thoughts on “Work, Life, and Other Nonsense

  1. I think Bobette and I are struggling with our weight too. With your reminder right here, I am going to suggest we hit the treadmill tonight!

    You guys wanna look good for the wedding! Go get ’em! When’s the big day, anyway?

  2. Ugh. Your computer problems sound very frustrating. Good luck with all of that. I’m glad to hear that your boss is being supportive.

    He is, and I’m really, REALLY sorry I didn’t respond to you sooner! I sort of forgot it was sitting here. 😦

    I spent most of the weekend hiding from the heat. I was supposed to go to a party on Sunday night but it got rained out. No worries – I caught up on my reading. Looks like I’ll be able to return that library book on time after all. (The Medium, Mystic, and the Physicist: Toward a General Theory of the Paranormal, by Lawrence LeShan.)

    The heat’s ridiculous this year, and just keeps coming. Today’s a nice day, but way back up the rest of the weekend (the weekend being 7/21-7/22). I’m sick of it already.

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