Things are going better! My broken program seems fixed! I can go forward with my work projects – if ever I have the TIME to go forward with them. Seems there’s always something in the way.

But I’m STOKED! I’ve spent SOOOO much time finding solutions and now I can actually try implementing some of them! Woo!


I’m re-doing my first completed manuscript (not really my first, but whatever), and trying to apply good story structure principles to it. Guess what? It’s really hard to do. My story has a lot of weaknesses and I can’t seem to *POOF!* any quick fixes for it. So I’m stewing about that. Meanwhile, I’ve outlined one book, and maybe I have another one I can get into Scrivener before long.

Now, the sequel to the aforementioned book needs story structure too. I have better bones to work with there, and didn’t get nearly as far down the line on it. Cut the stupid, online-serial insertions and the “I’ll put my deviantART followers in my story to endear them to me” crap out, and it’s actually a good beginning. So I’m able to do that one. But what good’s a sequel without the opener?

Also have yet another ghost story I want to get into software, and I have more or less the whole story outlined. I just need to add the markers, apply the Dramatica stuff, stuff it into the Hero’s Journey and start writing. Easy-peasy mac-‘n’-cheesy, matey.

But Tuesday was my daughter’s birthday and nothing else matters. And besides, I got so log-jammed on trying to finish my 2007 baby, I didn’t get anything else done, so I guess I’ll either stew until that pops loose or I get so annoyed I move on.

I love Scrivener. Together with Bryce’s Text Tree program, I don’t know if I need anything else. Ever.


Life is good right now. I’m still struggling to get my diet figured out, but I fee confident I’ll nail it eventually. Until then, the weight coming off in baby steps is better than not at all.

What’s up with all you out there?



5 thoughts on “Updates!

  1. I am SO excited for your work wins! That is EXCELLENT. Dude, so excellent. Also, weight coming off in baby steps? I hear that’s easier to keep off than huge, sudden weight loss. So, a big pat on the back for you!

    Thanks for the encouragement, Spark! Yes, but the baby steps sometimes go one step forward, two back, three forward, one back, two forward, two back, etc. Still, some is better than none, I reckon. 🙂

  2. I tried to post this comment one night when I was dog tired & it seemed to fly off into cyberspace. If I did post this before, ignore it. My brother started using, then selling, then he roped my mom and I into selling a weight loss/healthy lifestyle product called Visalus. My brother swears by it, my mom thinks it’s the bee’s knees, I’ve been too busy to slap my a$$ with both hands, so I don’t have an opinion on it. You can get more info on it at jestplainme.bodybyvi.com. That’s the end of my pyramid scheme sales pitch. (Rumour has it, it really works.)

    I guess I can look into it, but I really don’t want to resort to drug use to control my weight, because then it’s a life-long issue. I have to teach myself how to eat for my needs and body function, but that’s REALLY hard to do. Thanks for the tip though!

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