I didn’t think I’d make it!

I did though. And even though the week was a short one for me, I’m glad it”s over. I have no idea why, because next week will be just like this one only more pressured. I have to try and get so much done, and I don’t seem to make very good progress when I need to.

But the programming projects are progressing. I have no idea whether they’re going to work in production or not, so there’s another bit of annoyance. But I’ll find out soon enough! I have so much still to learn.

I spent a lot of last night creating a new template in Bryce Beattie’s awesome outliner Text Tree. It combines the new Dramatica theory elements I’ve been learning about with the Hero’s Journey outline I’ve fallen in love with recently. With that created and the points mapped, I think I can move the template into Scrivener and be all set to create new projects directly in Scrivener. (As much as I love that program, I also have to admit I reach for Text Tree first when outlining. It’s SOOOO much faster and easier, and I can work without being committed to the project first, which is a major weakness in Scrivener IMO.)

Once it’s in there, every new project will get a brand, spankin’-new outline and have all the important story elements mapped. I’ll even have a plot summary so I can keep myself on track. Then I write the scenes which go in each part according to my outline and sort of ignore the labels on the parts except for when I initially create the actual scene object in the software. When I compile it, none of those things will be included in the manuscript; only the chapters and scenes.

Sounds easy. Everything does when you just say it. I mean, how hard is “brain surgery”, really? It’s easy to say. Should be easy to do, right?

Have a good weekend, y’all.


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