Time to Deploy

Well…today’s the day. As you sit reading this, I am either working to deploy or have deployed the first of my new web pages, complete with new technology, and praying it works for my boss the way it works for me. Praying it works in production the way it worked in test. Praying it works.

There are two such pages, and I hope to dispatch them both into the world today. I’ve worked really hard to bring myself up to speed on the technology behind them, but I still have miles to go. If things are as they should be, I should be able to keep adding pages like this whenever new ones are necessary. Replacing the old ones might be trickier, though. We’ll have to see.

If this works and I can finally put this to bed, it’s by the grace and kindness of a loving God, and means I can get back to work on all the other programming things I’ve had to set aside. Some of them are going to be as hard as this was, or harder. Some involve thinking in whole new ways. But mostly, I’m grateful to be able to finish this and move on. At last.

Not much else to say. Didn’t get much writing done for a variety of reasons. But I’ll be doing less of that going forward, I’m afraid. I’ve got other pressing things and I need to address them.

How was your weekend?



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