And Then, There She Was

I never knew, exactly, what people did in a marriage.

My parents had a weird one, but they’ve managed to stay together for most of half a century. I guess I took that to mean they did something right. Now I realize, it’s not so much that as recognition that no one else would tolerate them. They’re stuck with one another or destined to be alone. They’re far too old for that now, so they’ll die together.

But that’s not what I wanted. So when I married the first time, I wasn’t really sure what would happen. How things would be, what would change, what would stay the same. Turns out, I learned the hard way about being with the right person for you, and being the right person.

And that’s what I got when I married the second time. I found someone who was a peer in most ways, superior in plenty of others, and weaker in still others. I found someone with a role she expected me to fill and a role she expected to fill herself. I found someone who “gets” me and is always on my side, and someone I can always side with, even when she’s wrong. I can talk to her, and she to me.

I found a true partner and spouse. And not a single day, not even one, has gone by in the last fourteen years, that I haven’t been grateful for her and said so to my Lord and King.

Today is no different. I’m glad I found you, love, and it’s been joy, even in the sadness.



4 thoughts on “And Then, There She Was

  1. WIGSF’s snarky cynical multiple choice comment.

    a) Today is the anniversary of something.
    b) You screwed the pooch on something, she doesn’t know yet and you’re feeling guilty.
    c) You screwed up and she does know.
    d) You’re whipped.

    HA! Sorry to say, dude, it’d “D” all the way. Revoke my man card — I don’t need it anymore anyway. πŸ™‚

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