Mad Progress

I didn’t realize how much progress I’d made on outlining my next several projects until I stopped and took inventory.

Oh, I learned some lessons along the way too. Like, sometimes the old ways aren’t the better ways after all.


I’ve fully outlined my next two book projects. At this point, I’m torn about which one to write first… and when to start it.

The first is a new book I’ve been conceptualizing for a long time. The book starts in third person POV and moves to first person for the bulk of the story, then back into third person again. I can’t tell if this is the best way to go or not. I thought initially it was the best way to build sympathy for my main character, or empathy even. But there’s a lot I can’t show the reader in first person and I don’t yet know how much of that will be critical to the story. The way it’s laid out now, it’s strong and effective (as long as I can actually deliver the story well), so I’m inclined to leave it. It’s just harder to provide privilege knowledge gaps this way. Harder, but not impossible.

I’ve recently seen an example of this and I have to admit, it was masterful.

Anyway, I can’t decide if that should be the next one I start, because I also finished the outline for my first darling, Spectral Analysis, the book formerly known as Ghost Hunters. A lot of folks who read it in its first incarnation liked it. I got good, positive feedback. I believe those same people are going to like the story even better now. It’s stronger, has been shored up dramatically, the holes filled in, the tension ramped up. I haven’t been this excited about that story in almost five years when I was closing in on its completion.

And, I have a rough map laid out for Witch Hunt, the sequel for Spectral Analysis, and an embryonic idea for the third installment too. Overall, that series has come alive again in me, and I’m looking forward to it. Beside all that, book series do better on Kindle than stand alones unless you’re Blake Crouch or Joe Konrath. Or someone big. So I guess my best chance is to get the series going.

But this other book – and it’s a stand-alone – is growing on me. It’s one I’ve looked forward to writing for a while. “A while” might’ve finally arrived.

I have about four other books in various stages of completion. Mostly, I have to come up with the major sequences for each act (four of them per Dramatica theory, though I need not use them all) and then turn those sequences into the series of events comprising them. Once done, I’ve got 64 events to guide my story along its path. Coming up with those 64 events is the trick, of course, but honestly, when the story’s been roughed out in your head, it’s more time consuming than difficult.

‘Course, I have to discard my first ideas and force myself to come up with better ones. Or at least different ones, to verify whether they’re the best choices to narrate or not.

Writing…what’s better?

So, there.


I might’ve come up with a method for making scrambled eggs fluffy every time. I’ve had some difficulty with them getting tough or rubbery on me before. But lately, I’ve been experimenting with a new way of doing them and I have to admit, they are awesome. Fluffy, flavorful, but not rubbery or too egg-y tasting. I might be able to get away with them as bread substitutes on my low-carb lifestyle way of eating.

I’m posting my findings over on my loving spouse’s recipe blog, so check that out if you want to know what I’m doing. (Yeah. Right.)

Hope you all had a good weekend. I sure did!

Now, if I can just finish my projects today…please God.



2 thoughts on “Mad Progress

  1. Glad you got so much done (must see the egg recipe) 🙂

    Thanks, Dianne! It’s nothing special. Go to my wife’s page and click her link to the recipe blog. It’s got a lot of good stuff on it. 🙂

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