Missed it by THAT Much

…to quote the late, great Don Adams.

I had my performance review yesterday morning. It didn’t go well. I missed getting an “adequate” review by one tenth of a point. One tenth. That still represents an overall drop in my rating from where I was back in August of 2011, though. I’m not sure why. My boss’s expectations of me have grown, and I guess I didn’t climb that L-curve fast enough.

I have an action plan in place, but I’m not sure how to make sure I get myself positioned with him to get there. I have another review — one my boss is giving me out of the goodness of his heart — in January. I guess we’ll see how things are going then.

So, not much to say today. I have to spend more time doing work things and less time doing me things, I suppose. I’ll miss writing but I think weekdays are going to be about work, even in the evenings. At least for a while.

Have a good weekend. Be safe over the holiday.



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