Long Weekend Happenings

Actually, the long weekend had no happenings for me.

I didn’t do squat. I didn’t write anything. I didn’t really outline anything either. I didn’t do a single productive thing creatively.

I did, however, spend some serious cash on stuff we needed around the house. And we got some new clothes for the kids. My boy got his much needed specs, at last. I carry a lot of parental guilt about that. I’ve known for a long time he needed glasses but I couldn’t afford them, and we didn’t even have money or insurance for an eye exam (yes, even the super discounted ones advertised; it was either eat or don’t after rent and utilities, while we were on unemployment…for two years). So I feel much better having that off my chest. He loves them and that makes me feel good too.

Wife did the cooking. Our pathetic grill won’t handle doing things the right way and we really don’t want to cough up for a good one while we have jack-ass neighbors upstairs. Hopefully they’ll move out or something. (*Sigh* Yeah, right.) But we did have some delicious food while we were sitting around doing nothing. My beloved is becoming quite the gourmet and I the gourmand…within the confines of my diet, of course. And that is going well, too. I’ve lost about thirty (yes, 30) pounds since starting our new lifestyle in February, and while that might seem slow to many of you, here’s the deal: the real loss didn’t begin until probably late May. (Before that, creeping losses only, if at all, and then it would normally spike right back up.) Once we figured out what the problem was, and I could look over some data to help me along the path, I discovered my magic numbers for weight loss and I’ve dumped many pounds since. That process started in mid-June, after my love’s birthday. I perfected the target macro-nutrient combinations for my losses in July, and I’ve been consistently dumping weight ever since.

My back pain, however, has not improved for some reason. I can’t tell why but I’m sure another trip to the orthopedic specialist would be eye-opening. Despite being thirty pounds lighter (almost), I never did go see the physical therapist he prescribed. I guess that’s next, but every visit costs money and there’s only so much of that. Especially in light of my work situation. 😦

So I sat around losing weight, and considered renewing my Darcknyt domain name, but I have to get it off of the piss-poor freebie host where it sits now. When I do, I might just park it here for the small price they charge. I’m a bit nervous – for a lot of reasons – about getting my own hosting company.

Anyway, I hope by the time you read this (because I wrote ahead of time) I’ve broken down and done something in the writing arena. I’ve done a bit of watching videos for work, learning my Visual Basic stuff. I hope I’ll be able to have some “me” time with the keyboard later to make it worthwhile.

Hope y’all had a good one too.



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