Moving Day

Today is moving day. Well, this afternoon and tomorrow morning. I’m losing the only office I’ve ever had in my career. Along with me, all of my boss’s staff are losing their offices too. We’re effectively being run out on a rail and moved into an area where we cannot be isolated as a business group anymore. We share the space with the other remaining division in the building.

Matter of fact, I’m going to be positioned as the last cubicle in our group and will abut the other division’s personnel. They will not have a barrier to prevent them from seeing over my shoulder as I work on sensitive divisional data and do my Internet research, which will probably look suspiciously like surfing the web as I struggle to learn computer programming and continue to complete my projects.

I know it sounds childish to be throwing a fit about an office, but it’s more than that. It’s the idea the division was told to do whatever they wanted without consideration for our business group. We weren’t allowed to get our OWN building, though. And even if we did, I probably wouldn’t have been permitted to have my own office. At my echelon, it’s cubes or bust. So who knows, maybe this would have been the same for me either way. At least in our own building, we wouldn’t be interspersed with the other division.

I expect to have complaints against me from this point forward as I cease being in privacy when I swear and decry. I have to learn to restrain my mouth, which after almost 50 years, will be challenging. No more joking and teasing and being familiar with anyone because, God knows, it might just f**king offend someone.

If you can’t tell, I’m not happy about this. I will NOT be happy about this. I will do my best to maintain a positive attitude, but I don’t have to, and cannot be forced to, like it.

I’ll be offline for a while as I struggle with this. Hope you all had a good weekend.



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