Well. I haven’t written a line – not a single word – since my last blog post. This represents the first bit of writing I’ve done since then. I’ll try to provide some updates on what I’ve been doing.


The move is done. DONE. And, everything works. There was a single macro which needed to be updated. I guess I didn’t crawl through it far enough, but there, down in the code lines near the bottom, I found references to our old IP address for the server. Changed them in a single, simple maneuver, and re-ran the macros. They’re fine. Just fine.

Next came the website. It’s fine. Now I have to go about updating the heck out of it. On that front, I’ve also made progress.


I started a new module from the video series my boss paid for. As you may recall, I paid for one set of programming video training, and my boss paid for another. When I first started taking them, I learned a lot, but didn’t feel I was “getting” it. I was worried the value from those videos wouldn’t be there and the money was wasted.


Today – actually, last night as you read this – I launched a new module which spoke about the exact problem I’ve been wrestling with for more than five months.

I can’t tell you how my jaw hit my chest. I can’t tell you how stunned I was. I sat in stupor for something like ten minutes watching as the exact problem I’ve been wrestling with got point-by-point deconstruction and walk-through. I almost fainted with relief.

The first thing I did was give thanks to God, and glory to His name. The second thing I did was eat dinner. The third thing I did was watch the video again and take a second set of notes on it. I’m likely going to do that again – and even again if necessary – until I feel I can implement that solution on the problem which has plagued me, vexed me, taunted me since May. Now, I’m going to end this. I have the tools. I just need to gain the skill in using them.

I will win. And I am so glad.


While I’ve not written anything, I have done a lot of reading about writing. (Which just seems strange, doesn’t it?) I have a new favorite book on craft, which shows so much about subtext, structure, how to construct scenes, build subplots… good, good stuff all over. Fantastic.

I’ll be sharing some of what I learn over on my fiction blog, but for now, I want to continue to absorb and learn. For the first time in my life, I felt the need to take notes and highlight in a book on writing craft. I’ve learned that much.

I also learned a new method of outlining, using what’s called the step outline. It’s amazing and while I’m not much of a non-digital guy, I believe this is the method for me. I’ll be describing it in some depth as I struggle to get the hang of it.

I’m ready for a weekend. How ‘bout you?

See ya on the other side.



3 thoughts on “Breakthroughs

  1. Okay, so what is the book? Are you keeping it a secret?

    Yes, for now, I’m keeping it a secret. It’s my ace in the hole. If it works like I hope (and Lord only knows when I’ll be able to test it), I’ll blog about the new method and the book on my fiction blog.

  2. Hurraaaaaaaay! I am so excited for you! You have the innate skills – you just needed some proper training. Phew! What a relief.

    AW, thanks Spark! You are such a doll! How sweet you are. I’ve just discovered the thing I thought would save me probably won’t, but I also have an idea of the direction I can go. I believe you might be right — with proper training and a guided course to follow, I can do this. Here’s hoping my boss is just a teensy bit more patient and willing to wait!

  3. Wow, you really love outlining.

    It works, every time, all the time. I love it.

    I’m happy for you on the job thing. Congrats.

    Thanks, but I prob’ly jumped the gun. It doesn’t address what I needed after all. I’ll keep at it.

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