Some Good, Some Bad

The good news is, I’ve lost enough weight to look decent in my nice button-down shirts again. The bad news is, I’ve not lost enough weight to look good in my clothes yet. (Lord only knows if that will ever happen, frankly.)

The good news is, I’ve made a MAJOR breakthrough at work on the programming stuff I’ve been stymied with for so long. The bad news is, I haven’t made enough progress to solve the problem all the way.

The good news is, we finished our move and everyone is getting fully settled around their daily tasks and getting their stuff unpacked and put away. The bad news is, there are a lot of empty boxes and stuff without homes which used to have homes. The really bad news is, the third-highest ranking officer in the corporation is coming for a visit on Thursday and we have to have all the boxes and mess picked up and everything must have a home before 7AM.


The good news is, I still have a job. The bad news is, I don’t have an office anymore and the f**king f**ktards with which we are surrounded are incredibly loud and OBNOXIOUS, in no less than two languages.

Things could be worse, but they’re not as good as they can get either. We hope this is only for a year. I foresee much, much longer.

But I still have a job, and for that I am grateful. And I’ll keep slugging away though my deadline has been reset and the clock is running. I feel confident I can do this. (But I’m worried about the deadline.)

See ya next time.



2 thoughts on “Some Good, Some Bad

  1. I don’t know if I was any help last time, but if you need to bounce some programming ideas off me, you know how to reach me.

    Actually, you were a huge help. But I don’t want to wear out my welcome. I’m still stuck on that problem, but am taking a different tack. I have a way to get the data I want into a DataReader and thence into a string so I can use it as my SQL Where clause, but still need to figure out whether I should be doing that or using databinding to a datatable or dataset or… UGH. So I’m not to the presentation layer yet. Also, what do you know about 3-tiered architecture? I want to build a separate assembly for my DAL but can’t figure out how to get that happening.

    Thanks, B. You’re awesome.

  2. Yay! on the weight loss. I hopped on a scale and was shocked and dismayed to see I am 25 pounds over the weight I want to be. I guess that is what stress eating a bag of cookies every night all summer will get you.

    Thanks! What we’re doing isn’t easy, and certainly it’s not as easy as we thought, but it does seem to be (mostly) working. There are ups and downs, but mostly it’s working. I hope. 🙂

    Try not to feel bad about 25lbs. I have 95 to go yet. *Sigh*

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