At Last

If I could embed Etta James crooning At Last, I would. (I’m not paying for the upgrade to this blog, sorry.)

I finally, after all the searching I’ve done, found the keyboard for which I’ve searched all these many months.

It’s not wireless – the wireless version (not identical but close) was $25 more and I refuse to pay it and so does my wife – but it is illuminated, spring-loaded, and very responsive to touch. I can’t believe the difference the right keyboard makes in the computer experience.

Let’s face it, the keyboard and mouse are the ways in which we interact with the computer directly. If I’m not comfortable with either one, I’m not as productive as I could be. And with this keyboard, not only does the feedback it provides give me exactly the tactile response I look for with its spring-loaded keys and backlighting for work in a dark room, but it provides a level of quiet during the typing process I’ve only experienced with laptop keyboards previously.

The keys don’t seem too close together. But there is the occasional fat-fingering. Naturally, I don’t expect NOT to do that, but it happens far less frequently because I’m actually happy with where the keys are contacted, the force required, and the distribution of the keys over the surface.

Sound fussy? I am. This hasn’t been easy, but I now have a very large collection of keyboards with which I can rotate should the need arise. I don’t expect the need to arise because of my desire, however.

Yes, I love this keyboard. Finally.



2 thoughts on “At Last

  1. I like my keyboards to make loud clicks with every key press. My first keyboard sounded almost like a typewriter it was so loud. I used that thing until the space bar broke. Then for another two years. Ever try writing an essay for school with no space bar? This was back in the WordPerfect 5 for DOS days. To simulate a space I had to press ALT 3 2. ASCII for space is 32. Not joking. I seriously did that for all of grades 7 and 8.

    That’s awesome. The old IBM M2 keyboards were tanks. The click-clack is soothing sometimes, but I guess with the amount of typing I do every day I’ve gotten away from it. I want quieter boards now. I love the one I have, that’s for sure. But I still got myself a Lenovo (there’s no more IBM brand) keyboard; the keys are the same size, roughly, but it doesn’t have the mechanical mechanism which make those clacking sounds.

  2. I finally broke down and bought a new keyboard. I paid $13 for it. My old one was so, well, old half the keys stuck and wouldn’t work unless pounded on. I put up with it for well over a year because I’m too cheap/lazy/forgetful to buy a new one. I’m like WIGSF…I like my keys to be noisy. This keyboard isn’t quite noisy enough, but I’m too cheap/lazy/forgetful to try out a different one.

    They don’t make ’em like they used to, and if you want the metallic clack! of the old IBM M series keyboards, you’re moving into the hundreds of dollars for them. More reliable, more durable, and just all around better, but as I get older, I’m less and less interested in loud. This one is awesome for me. 🙂

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