Friday, Thank Heaven

Well, it’s been a terrible week so far.

Not really. It’s been okay, I just can’t get anything done. One of my associates is out because her son is having health issues. I’ve prayed for them and wouldn’t be at work if the shoe were on the other foot, and it was life-threatening for the poor boy, who’s only fifteen and was trying to be on his high school football team. So I get it, no problem.

She’s out until the 12th of this month, according to her out of office message, and that means I have to cover the price request email inbox this week. It doesn’t take up huge chunks of time, but it does bite into what I have to do.

Then, starting Tuesday at about noon, another one of my associates went traveling to visit a customer. She’s at an all day event and to save the company some $450, she took flights which required her to be gone most of Tuesday and all of Thursday en route. So I have to cover the quality Authorization to Return (ATR) inbox. I’m sure some of you remember me complaining over the summer of 2011 about having that handed to me and keeping it singlehandedly going. Well, this person is the one responsible for that inbox now, but I’ve been asked to cover for her while she’s out.

And between the two of those, I got very little of my own work done. Programming takes full concentration and focus from me, so I can’t do it while I’m “multitasking” and handling other annoyances distractions responsibilities. I got nothing but some reading done.

On top of all that, my boss has been traveling for business also, and our Customer Service Supervisor was out Monday and Tuesday on vacation. So for my boss, all the reporting he normally handles for management I’m sending out. That means I had to generate the reports and instead of sending them to him, I have to finish what he’d normally do and then send them out. He also just permanently handed me another aspect of one of those reports before he left in the hopes of getting it done consistently.

Yeah, I’ve not had time to do much of anything.

Except drinking coffee and complaining. I always have plenty of time for that.

See ya next week… I hope.



2 thoughts on “Friday, Thank Heaven

  1. Why do they even bother have people besides you employed there? Apparently you can do it all.

    Sometimes it feels like my boss and I are the only people working in the department. But we’re profitable and I have a job, so I’m not complaining!

    Hang in there.

    Trying. Thanks.

  2. Oy. Other peoples’ vacations are like that; they always generate more work for all the poor suckers who have to show up for work. :-p

    True enough. I guess my problem with it is, no one — and I mean NO ONE — does this for me when I’m out. My job simply doesn’t get done until I get back.

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