…And then, Something Cool Happened

I had a flash of divine inspiration a couple of weeks ago. I know it was divine, because I’d been stumped by the project I was working on for more than six months. Then, suddenly, despite being over my head on this thing, I figured out what to do.

So, I started again. For the umpteenth time, I started again. But this time, I had the benefit of some video training courses and a whole lot of failed experiments to guide me. I had the Lord through prayer to guide me too. And so, when I sat down on Monday to try this one more time, something cool happened.

It worked.

On Wednesday, I sent the notice out that the project – more than six months in the making – was ready. A hammering migraine due to our 30-degree rise in temperatures kept me out of work Thursday. When I got back on Friday, I sat down and took on the second of those dual prongs which had, for so many months, vexed me.

Friday afternoon I sent out a second email message – that prong, too, was finished and ready for testing.

In one week, I finished two projects which had me on tenterhooks for most of this past year. One of them in a single day.

God is truly amazing, isn’t he? And that’s a good and comforting thing to me, because I have a huge, ugly, frightening project to face down very soon now. And I haven’t even had a chance to begin. Now I can, and to boot, I can already see how much of what I learned on this project (and because of it) will be applicable in that monstrous project.

Wish me luck. I’ll see you when I can. Hope you had as awesome a weekend as I did.



4 thoughts on “…And then, Something Cool Happened

  1. Says the man whose Pats just flogged my patsies on an international stage.

    Yeah, that didn’t seem like things went too well for the Rams.

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