Hitting a Vein

So I started testing my blood sugar to see where I am in nutritional ketosis. Knowing my blood sugar levels helps me determine what I’m doing right and wrong in my diet. Knowing my blood ketone levels will indicate the success I am or am not having with my diet.

I’m not having much success right now, if the numbers don’t lie.

Don’t be too hasty; you’ve heard all your life “the numbers don’t lie,” but they can. I’ve done enough reporting on data to know how easily it can be misinterpreted and misunderstood. For example, if you think eating below 25g of carbohydrates everyday will keep you in nutritional ketosis, you’d be wrong.

If you’re me.

I’m not sure what’s going on, to be honest, but I know just tracking macronutrients has proved inadequate to make the numbers on the scale move consistently. So now, we have to stab ourselves a couple of times a day and manage the data we get from the meter, to make sure we can keep the numbers in line. The ones on the scale will take care of themselves, if we manage those.

What that looks like on the dinner plate is odd, but I was surprised how quickly we became used to what I see there.

Now, I have to work on those nutritional ketone measurements. Somehow.

Meanwhile, the beat goes on at work, and I’m struggling to make my December 15 deadline on the Scary Major Programming Project I have due.



2 thoughts on “Hitting a Vein

  1. Geez Louise, that’s rough. So, what exactly IS on your dinner plate?

    Let’s see… tonight it will be perhaps five ounces of chuck roast, if I’m lucky six, a bit of the au jus from it, and a salad. Oh, and probably some sour cream and coconut oil to give me the balance of fats we need to stay ketotic. Depends on where numbers fall, but the high fat ratios put people off. They’ve bought into the conventional nutritional “wisdom” so what we do seems abnormal or even harmful to them, even though I’ve lost almost 40lbs now. 🙂

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