I shouldn’t be so proud of myself, but…

On Monday our Quality Coordinator came to me and asked if I could add a customer to our database because she had an ATR request from them and couldn’t enter it. I told her I’d see what I could do and went about my business.

My business soon became finding the customer already existed in the database and not having a blessed clue about why the application couldn’t find them.

I’ve told you before about how the existing pages were built on very old technology, and while the working was clever and works, sometimes it works better than others. When I checked into why the page didn’t work, I couldn’t find the reason. At all.

Four days later, I finally was provided the solution by God. He’s really good to me like that, and every once in a while He really pulls something phenomenal off. He led me to look into the base query which the page uses to access the data it’s supposed to display. Turns out, that query didn’t return this customer for some reason. (I still don’t know why.) So I went into the server, copied the database to my local machine, and started working with the query designer.

Fortunately for me, this is built on Microsoft Access databases, and I have the lovely QBE – or Query Builder Environment – to work in. It’s basically a graphical representation of the tables, which I can use to select the data and what conditions I want to use for filtering, etc. When I was finished at about 3:30PM, the query pulled the customer when searched by customer number.

I tested by searching by customer name, and it still didn’t work. *SIGH*

I was about to give up and tell her she can’t use that feature for this customer when it dawned on me: I needed to look at the page and see what it did with customer names. I found the query had to be adjusted slightly and when I did that, badda-bing! She worked!

WOO! I almost shouted.

The thing I hate MOST in my job is having to tell my boss “I don’t know.” I prayed, I almost wept, and I’ve been under so much stress about this I couldn’t sleep well.

Well, tonight, I’m going to sleep like a baby.

And tomorrow, I’ll realize I’m going on vacation Monday and have only about two weeks to finish Appmageddon.

I’ll get stressed about that when it’s time, I guess.

For today, I’m going to revel in victory and enjoy setting up my out of office auto-response tomorrow.



3 thoughts on “Victory!

  1. You deserve to rest on your laurels 🙂 Congratulations

    Thanks, Berna, but… no time for that, unfortunately. I’ll have to work over my vacation and study and work and study and eat… you know. 😉

  2. Look at you, Codey McProgrammer! Seems like every time I log in to your blog lately, there’s another announcement of a major problem that you’ve solved. Maybe Appmageddon won’t be as tough as you think. 🙂

    I hope I’ve not become a bore! It’s my whole life right now. I can’t write, I can’t play video games, I can’t do much of anything but programming. I guess that’s going to get dull for my readers. Maybe I’ll have to find a way to spice up this blog. 😦 But — thank you for the encouragement (and the gentle spelling correction on Appmageddon, HEH!), and I’ll worry about Appmageddon another day. 🙂 Have a GREAT weekend!

    • Believe me, my life has been pretty much all about work lately too. I am working hard to find things to write about that aren’t software implementation-related. I don’t find your blog dull.

      Well, thank you for saying so. It’s really tough when your life gets into a rut like this. I appreciate the support, and I really am grateful for your encouragement. It’s been awesome to have. Thanks.

      I compared the way we each spelled Appmageddon, and I don’t see any differences. Am I blind?

      No, of course not! I fixed mine to match yours. 🙂 I looked up Armageddon and found it was the single-“g”/double-“d” combo, whereas I’d used the double-“g”/single-“d” misspelling. 🙂

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