Flattening the Learning Curve

I’m doing everything I can to make sure the learning curve I face when teaching myself computer programming is as flat as possible.

So I work hard to try and streamline the process. I’ve always had a difficult time grasping concepts. This probably comes from my concrete literalist nature, wherein everything is specific and set in stone. (Example: When the sign flashes Don’t Walk, I don’t, and have more than once been shoved and pushed aside or into the street against my will by people who don’t seem to understand the simplest set of instructions.) What ends up happening to me is, I spend a LOOOOOOONG time transcribing the training videos because I’ve lost sight of the concepts being taught and am trying to absorb everything.

I’ve always been this way. Had I suffered through the remainder of my collegiate years, I would’ve probably flopped anyway because concepts were simpler and easier to get through in lower level learning. By the time one reaches “higher” education, the expectation is one can figure out the concepts being communicated and apply them readily to other principles and problems or cases.

Yeah, I really didn’t do so good that way.

For some reason, though, writing comes naturally. Teach me a concept in creative writing and I’ll never forget it. With computer programming? Um…I ain’t doing quite as well there.

I want to. I really do. If I can just get it, I’ll always have it. But it’s not been an easy task for me, and I’m trying to find my way through it. Fortunately, I had a bit of a breakthrough tonight and I hope I can project that forward onto future subjects. It allowed me to take an easy one – one I don’t consider vital for my job – and allowed me to plod through the video with a pen in my hand and take notes on the ideas and principles given rather than the specific examples shown. I’m getting there, I hope.

But, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and when I get back to work on Monday, I’ll have a paltry two and a half weeks to finish Appmageddon. If there’s time to learn and apply what I need, it’s a miracle in itself.

Almost as much as teaching an old dog new tricks. Or computer programming.

See ya after the holiday weekend. God bless.


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