Movie Review: Wind Chill

I found yet another movie service online. Now that we have the bandwidth to work it, work it good baby, we’re workin’ it. Workin’ it good.

The new service (which, of course, is probably only new to me) is called Crackle. Once we registered and all, I was able to view a movie with no cost attached. No monthly subscription, no fee for on-demand rental…just load it up and go. So, being cheap, I like free. I loaded up a movie and watched.

The movie I chose was a ghost story called Wind Chill. It’s from 2007 and stars Emily Blunt (best known for The Devil Wears Prada, I’m sure) and Ashton Holmes. It’s about two college students who ride share over the Christmas holiday through a mountainous area. When they detour off the main highway to the more scenic “shortcut”, a careless driver leaves them stranded on the side of the road with a storm front and plummeting temperatures in a valley without cell signals and no traffic.

The set up was pretty good, if a bit predictable. Then the pace picked up. Things went from bad to worse pretty steadily and by the third act things were really hopping. I’ve seen two movies like this now. One was called The Innkeepers (which I’ve already reviewed, I believe), and now this one.

The acting was good. I liked the characters. And the situation unfolds in a logical manner for the most part. The gore is minimal and only used to jolt the audience, and the backstory came along nicely. (If you don’t know, it’s really, really hard to tell a ghost story without backstory.) Overall, I give it an A-, and that’s quite something.

I’ve been looking for a good movie for a long time. One without gratuitous violence and gore, not a slasher movie, one with a good story. And this scratched that itch for me, mostly. It wasn’t perfect and got a little ham-handed sometimes, but the overall performance and story really worked to me. A good movie. If you like ghost stories, I think this one’s worth seeing. Nicely done.

We also had an awesome Thanksgiving and even took a midnight jaunt to the store to finish out our centerpiece for Christmas. My darling wife will have photos soon, I’m sure.

Hope your Thanksgiving was fantastic, and for those of you outside the US, it’s Friday! You can always be thankful for that, right? 🙂 But for those who had the holiday, what’d you do? Where’d you go? Did you go? Tell, tell!

See ya next week, hopefully. I’m back at work and it’s APPMAGEDDON.



3 thoughts on “Movie Review: Wind Chill

  1. You always do such good reviews. 🙂 Plus, it was nice to see you really enjoy a movie.

    Well, thanks. It’s really hard to talk about a movie without giving it away. And I did indeed enjoy.

  2. I’m so glad you found an enjoyable movie! They are few and far between, in my opinion. I tend to set up my PVR to record a bunch, and then I delete half of them after the first 15 minutes as they are so disappointing. The last movie I saw that I really liked was called “Shame”. A man who uses sex to avoid intimacy is forced to confront his own vulnerability when his younger sister shows up on his doorstep. It’s subtle and psychologically astute.

    I like subtle, astute movies more than I used to. As I get older I find films made outside Hollywood’s influence are so much better. The cliches and predictability are way too boring now. I’ll have to look for “Shame” and see if I can find it on one of our movie services. Thanks!

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