A “Splice” of Life

Because my darling loves me, she allowed me to watch one of my silly horror movies the other night. Unable to find anything to really float my boat, and believing full-heartedly she wouldn’t enjoy anything I chose anyway, I settled on Splice, a Sci-Fi/Horror entry from 2011 starring Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley.

Splice is a take on the classic Frankenstein tale. Elsa and Clive, two scientists bent on the creation and harvesting of medicinal proteins from new, spliced organisms, have created life. They believe they can boost the discovery and output by adding in a bit of – wait for it! – human DNA to the mix. Their first two organisms, named Fred and Ginger, are already producing the protein in their slug-like carcasses, but it can’t be harvested in any serious quantities while the organisms still live. And the pharmaceutical company paying for it all, who own the patents on those two little slime bags, are eager to move on to the chemical synthesis of the protein. So…they’re going to convert the lab to a chem lab and get the ball rolling that direction.

Elsa and Clive decide to defy the ruling of their benefactors and add human DNA to the mix anyway. Along with several other animal genes, they splice (see what I did there?) themselves a new creation, and guess what? It’s alive.

Don’t expect to see any Jacob’s Ladders or Tesla coils in this one. It’s all subtlety and CGI in this one, and the sex scenes actually have a point. Splice turned out to be kind of a nice one, not because it wasn’t predictable – it was painfully so – but because it had some interesting creep-factor moments. Some of them involved those sex scenes. The CGI wasn’t bad, not terribly, and the story was… well, let’s just say the story could’ve been handled better, but could also have been much worse. Over all, I rated it three and half out of five stars, and while it had moments, some of them were dropped irreparably, especially in the final act.

But if you’ve got three bucks laying around, and you don’t have anything better to do (which wouldn’t be hard to come up with, really), then you might spend an evening with Splice.

What’s the worst that could happen?


2 thoughts on “A “Splice” of Life

  1. Okay, I just might . . . Maybe, but I’m not a horror film fan. Because we got WEATHER this Christmas, we did not go to the theater on Tuesday (our tradition), but ended up renting Dark Knight Rises. I thought of you!

    Well, thank you! And I hope you enjoy the movie. Remember, Vanessa’s not a horror fan either, and even she enjoyed it. 🙂

  2. I did like it. 🙂 It was thought provoking, and a little sad. I also liked that they accomplished their movie without “gorror.” Even the sex scenes were fairly tame and didn’t seem gratuitous – they served a purpose. All in all, it was done pretty well. 🙂

    I thought so too. 🙂 Glad you liked it!

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