Back at It

Well, today it’s back on my head. Know that joke? Sure you do, it’s been around forever.

Today, I return to work for the first time since 12/21/2012. I’ve not been at my employer’s building since last year. It’s been a great, great vacation, even if I didn’t do as much non-work-related stuff as I’d liked.

I watched a lot of computer programming videos to prepare to conquer Appmageddon. That’s right, I still haven’t done that. And I feel much better equipped to take it on now than I was before vacation. I guess the decision to watch those videos was a good one after all. But still, I wish it didn’t have to be that way. Maybe next year it won’t have to be that way.

Then, when I wasn’t watching computer programming videos, I watched a lot of movies. I mean, a lot of movies. And most of them were pretty entertaining. Every time I asked my loving spouse whether I should watch a movie, the answer was always “Yes, you should.” I love ya, babe, and thanks. I had a great time.

While I wasn’t watching a movie or computer programming video, I was hanging out with the kids. Awesome, awesome time there. LOVED that. And yes, through it all, I worked less than two hours total, and relaxed my backside off. Oh, and I gained a little weight too. (Nobody’s perfect, right?)

So, all in all, a great vacation, but now it’s back to the grindstone. Hope you all had a very happy holiday season, and I’ll talk to you again soon.


One thought on “Back at It

  1. I am also back at work. Been off since the 21st too. I watched a few movies over the break. Also watched two seasons of “Strike Back” and “True Blood”. I should have exercised more. I guess it allows me to think of a resolution!

    It’s nice to have that much time off, isn’t it? And how are the wedding plans coming? We’ve been wondering about you! Hope you had a GREAT holiday season! We did!

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