Progress, Slow but Present

Well, I made some progress in Appmageddon this week. Not as much as I’d like and certainly not anything like close to finished, but progress is progress, right?

I was able to learn enough over my vacation to set up some things which helped me move forward. I’m still trying to feel my way through how to get all the data together and present it (why am I so much worse at this than my predecessor seemed to be?), but at least I’m able to wrangle it into a single location and then pull it when I need to. Getting to the user is the next hurdle. I have to decide whether to do it as an application, a stand-alone thing which will have to be installed on each individual computer, or if I should make it a web-based application as part of the greater intranet system we have in place.

The current system is a series of web pages and the primary one I’m replacing is more than five thousand (yes, 5,000) lines of code long. It’s unreliable and difficult to maintain. But there’s nothing to install and there aren’t any permission issues to consider. The server(s) are already capable of serving up the type of documents I’d make if I went that route. Those things all favor the web page method, I’d say.

But from an ease of development perspective, from a versatility perspective, and from the sheer novelty factor (which isn’t a factor at all in reality), doing this as a stand-alone application offers an intriguing idea. My boss, frankly, doesn’t care what I do, so long as I get it done pronto. I’m not making it in that regard. All prayers and good thoughts welcome.

Still, progress is progress and I won’t sneer at what I’ve managed to now. I’d love to make sure things get updated all the way, that we can replace the entire system with something far more sustainable and maintainable, but for now, I’d be happy just to be rid of this. I really need to be rid of this. For my own peace of mind.

See you all next week.


3 thoughts on “Progress, Slow but Present

  1. Progress! Hurray!

    Thanks, Spark!

    I vote for a web-based implementation. Anything that you have to update one PC at a time is always a super-big pain in the rear.

    Good point. But I won’t be doing it one PC at a time, necessarily. More research required, but the plan is to deploy to a network share. Once the user has installed it (and this is where you might be right because of the global IT restriction policies on the local machines), it will automatically update when they use it, if a change has been made. Still, I think a web implementation is the way to go too; at this point, anyway. Thank you for helping me think through it though!

    You’ll get in done, one line of code at a time. 🙂

    I hope so. Thanks for rooting for me! I hope you had a spectacular Christmas and New Year!

  2. I don’t know. GUIs & Presentation/reporting logic are like a hundred times easier in html.

    Oh, really? Interesting. Especially considering all the powerful tools .NET and Visual Studio provide. The presentation part is arguable. The reporting logic? I have to noodle on that. But I’ve had a couple of days of disastrous results and will be thinking a lot about this soon. Thanks for the input.

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