Monday Meh

I didn’t do anything over the weekend. Nothing. We went out Saturday for some supplies to be ahead of Winter Storm Luna, but it turns out it wasn’t necessary. The storm never really had much impact, at least, not on us. We’ve been very blessed lately, though, so maybe not everyone fared so well. We never lost power, we never had icy conditions to deal with, and there was minimal snow. Today it’s foggy, cloudy, wet and rainy, but it’s also in the middle 40s and that’s pretty doggone ideal for me.

I played a lot of Psychonauts on Sunday, while John (not Larry) the Cable Guy did his repair work. See, we had a cable issue. I’m paying for 24mbps download speed, or something like that. And I was getting something more akin to 10, 7, sometimes less than 5mbps instead. In fact, I wasn’t getting ONE on Saturday, depending on when I tested. The problem, you ask?

A mouse, nesting in the junction box. He’d apparently decided it was “warm” in there and built a nest. Which, of course, cost him his life, I’m sure.

According to Larry…erm, John the Cable Guy, this is a common thing during cold months. Interesting, since it’s cold for seven months each year here. This should be fun.

But at least it’s fixed. And I did make some progress, through much swearing and key pounding, on Psychonauts. Not much, mind you, but some.

No training videos this weekend. Not one. Back to the grind very soon though. I can’t afford to lose ground on that. I’m into MVC now, and while it’s not making a ton of sense right now, I’m sure the nickel will drop and things will come clear soon enough.


How was your weekend?


One thought on “Monday Meh

  1. You name your storms? I might have to start doing that.

    I don’t, actually. The Weather Channel named it. They even had a link to the article on why they named it Luna on their website.

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