Patience is Key

Most of you probably already know the value and virtue of patience.

I’ve never been patient. My life is one grueling grind of immediately sought gratification, and it’s left me in more than one lurch. Sometimes my lack of patience bites me when I open my mouth too soon and make a fool of myself. Sometimes I don’t look for the right answer long enough and get things wrong. Sometimes I try to force information down my brain’s throat too fast and that results in backtracking and having to start all over again.

There was a commercial years ago showing a man stepping on a scale, getting his weight, stepping off the scale, and racing around the room in a single, frenetic lap. When he arrives back at the scale, he gets back on it, sees the same number, and thumps on the scale with a confused frown on his face. In a nutshell, that’s me.

I’d rather buy something in the store than order online not for any other reason than I can have it right now.

I’d rather go out to eat than make a healthy, wholesome meal at home because it’s faster to get it that way (and I love fast food and burgers).

I’m still looking for the fastest, most efficient way to take notes during my video lessons because I can’t keep up using my normal method. This one is funny; it evolved like this:

I started looking for ways to write more quickly. This led me to a quick-course on how to write more neatly AND more quickly. I learned a few things from that course and have, indeed, improved my writing legibility but not the speed. THAT would involve practice and I have — wait for it — NO patience for practice. So I have a few quick loosening exercises I do to get things unwound, then I just… write. Eh. Not ideal, sometimes not neat, but it gets me going faster.

Next, I looked for a note-taking method which would give me the most bang for the buck time-wise. Transcription notes sucked. Too much time! It took me WEEKS to finish just ONE course! More time than I can afford with Appmageddon breathing down my neck! And now the others hounding me are in need. I have to get this information down so I can learn it, and I need speed! This, of course, led me to mind-mapping, and that has been a boon for me. But doing so with multi-colored pens means too much time. No room for mistakes means slowing down. So colored pens are applied AFTER the fact. Now I’ve doubled the amount of time I spend taking notes again. Too slow! So, just use pencil and apply colored lines and such later. Better, but still…

So typing this would be ideal, but mind mapping software is either not well suited to printing or very, very expensive. Not gonna happen. Okay, colors after the fact it is.

Now I’m looking for a way to blend those things into a single method which will help me get notes down FASTER than EVER.

So anyway, because I’m not patient, I ended up triple posting something on Monday. If you got three posts in your reader and the only difference was the title, sorry. Thanks for understanding. I kept publishing because, well, I didn’t have the patience to wait and see if the original post would go through (it did). When I published a second time, I noticed the missing title (how the heck did I miss THAT before?), so I did it a third time — with a title. But the titled one beat one of the other two somehow. so you may have gotten them in an incorrect sequence.

Ah, well. How’s your week going so far?

I can’t wait for mine to end.


4 thoughts on “Patience is Key

  1. Patience is my Kryptonite. I am the least patient person on the planet.

    Oh, I don’t know Shawn — you had the patience to work two jobs for a long time (for a goal, I’d wager), the patience to sit through four years or more of college, the patience to plan, fund, and build your own in-home theater, and the patience to write and market at least one novel which you then sent out to agencies. That’s not an impatient person in my estimation.

    But, thank you for commiserating. Much appreciated.

  2. When I checked your dashboard, only the titled one earlier was showing. There were no scheduled posts listed, so I guess the emailed ones don’t work in quite the same way. LTY

    I’d already found and removed the duplicates, love. Your reader might show them. Thanks for double-checking.

  3. Patience, grasshopper. . . . Wipe on, wipe off . . .

    THIS Grasshoppah end up on WINDSHIELD, not watching and waiting for oncoming traffic… then gets WIPED ON, WIPED OFF by smearing windshield wiper. πŸ˜€

  4. I’m only patient when I’m cooking. Which is saying a lot.

    It’s a start, though, Damyanti! I have no doubt you’re much more patient than you realize — it comes through your writing clear and sharp. πŸ™‚

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