Blowin’ It

I’m not doing too well with getting back on the video training horse. I just don’t feel like it lately. I can’t let that persist, of course, but I’ve just been a bit rundown and exhausted of late. I don’t know exactly why.

I don’t have a good post for today either. I thought I had something niggling in the back of my mind, a Whensday post, but no…no, I’ve lost it. I can’t remember even what it might have been. I guess it wasn’t important.

So, I’ve been looking into podcasting instead. Don’t know why — I can’t stand the sound of my own voice, I don’t have anything interesting to say (as those of you who follow this blog for some reason can attest), and I don’t know the first thing about doing it. But like everything else, when I get curious, I pursue.

Ah, well. Today is another heavy reporting day at work. The kids and beloved spouse are off from school today so they can sleep in a bit. And it’s the middle of the week; the stretch toward the weekend begins.

Happy Humpday, y’all.


2 thoughts on “Blowin’ It

  1. Well I think you have an awesome voice and I think podcasts would be fun!

    Oh, really? Maybe you could read some of my stories? We could underlay some music on them? It WOULD be fun! Are you really game?

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