New Pricing on eBooks!

My two collections of short stories, A Fine Cast of Characters and A Moonlit Stroll, are both now even CHEAPER and EASIER than ever!

Yes, like their author, my two collections of short stories for sale on Amazon’s Kindle store and soon, on, are now only $1.99! That’s a full dollar less than it was before!

Go and get yours today!

And, if you enjoy the stories, please be sure to leave a review on either Amazon, GoodReads, Shelfari, or anywhere else you can reach an audience!

…but if you don’t like ’em and think they stink, please don’t leave me a bad review. It hurts my feelings and makes me cwy. (Just kidding.)

Thanks, and spread the word! πŸ˜‰



Ready to Roll on Ahead

Okay, so, at least one of you felt it was important I promote my new novel as much as possible before getting into a new one. Others feel it’s just as important to get into a new book and get the product out there so your customers — loyal readers who maybe liked what you wrote — will have more stuff they can read when they finish the first one.

I believe it’s got to be a balance of both. I’d love to have a “publicist” who could promo my work, but I’ve seen “publicists” posting to Facebook and Twitter with little to no success. I’ve seen authors chase around all over their regional area going to “book signings” and such, all for a handful of sales.

Thank goodness eBook publishing means I don’t have to do any of that. It also means, while I should try and get people interested in my product, most of the people who read it will do so because they found it on Amazon themselves.

I read an article my buddy Bryce sent me a link to, on a blog by a young lady who’s trying to generate enough loyal fans — those that read everything and anything the author writes — to make her employment full-time writing. I’d love to be there too, but she had some stuff on her blog which made a load of sense, wasn’t that hard to do, and might have been key in making things happen for her. She had her best month ever in May and while she’s not sure if she’ll duplicate her results, the fact she made more than she did on her day job is very appealing.

Anyway, she had some tips and things on her blog I might try. After all, what’s it going to hurt? I’ve got not very much to lose.

So, for me, I’m going to dig in to Scrivener and start my next book. Not because I don’t value the advice of those saying I need to promo this book — I do appreciate the input and will heed the advice to the best of my ability — but I also need to have product for readers to acquire. If I don’t, there’s no sense in trying to market this one. (In addition, I’ve learned series do better than stand alones, and sticking with one genre per pen name helps. Great. Now I needanother pen name to use. *Sigh.)

That being said, I’m going to go forth and begin the writing process on my next book, which has an outline (albeit not horribly detailed yet), and get the ball rolling on that. My wife, the loving and supportive person she is, is excited about a book whose subject doesn’t in the slightest excite her. That is, she doesn’t even like the subject matter but finds the story compelling and wants to read it. I’m honored by that. I think she’s worth rewarding.

Finally, I sent out a few copies of my newest novel before I released it (the night before, it’s true, but still). If you got a copy and have read it, or are reading it, please consider leaving a review on Amazon. I haven’t got any so far, and I really need as many of those as I can to boost the visibility of the book. Add tags as well, if please. On the other hand, if you don’t like the book, please don’t speak about that. Lie. (Just kidding. Gotta take the lumps with the good, just like in a bowl of mashed potatoes.)

Have a great weekend everyone. See you on the other side.


Lousy Timing

Of all the luck! Wouldn’t you know, when I’m trying to announce the release of my new novel, the hits on my blog plummet to horrific lows?!

Of course, this is intentional somehow. I’m certain there’s a conspiracy to keep the eyes of the public away from my book. And while I’ve had almost 150 downloads during the first two days it was free, that’s a tiny fraction of what I got when I did the same thing with my short story collection A Fine Cast of Characters. It got over 1100 downloads.
Of course, NONE of those were from the lending library of Amazon’s Kindle, which would have generated an income, but still. So far, things don’t look good for the exposure of my first complete novel to be released. And now I’m torn between trying to decide whether to sandwich trying to write a new book in here with the promotion or just wait for a bit until the dust settles.
Speaking of sandwiches, I love egg sandwiches. Fried egg sandwiches, to be exact. You take bread and make toast out of it, then you fry a couple of eggs with broken yolks to a consistency which you enjoy and doesn’t run down your arms when you try to eat it. I like mayo and a touch of mustard for condiments, and just a pinch of salt and pepper for flavor. If you really like texture with your eggs, you can top with some crispy fried bacon, and a bit of cheese on top never hurt anyone who isn’t lactose intolerant. Muenster, Gouda, American, Swiss and thin mild Cheddar all make great choices.
So, am I desperate or what?
Have a great Wednesday, and I’ll see you later in the week.

The Cover is Finished!

Well, I’m pleased to announce the cover to my newly finished novel is now ready! It turned out really nice, if I do say so myself. I think it will be easy to read, and it holds up even when reduced to a tiny thumbnail, so the web site shouldn’t cause any problems.

Now, all I need are a few hundred thousand downloads.

Honest and truly, I have no idea how to promote this thing. I think this time I’m going to have to go to the Kindle forums and introduce myself, then try and see what happens. I’m also not going to dawdle in getting started on the next on either. I have to have work out there to be found if I want to…well, be found.

So, stay tuned! The night before I hit the publish button, I’ll unveil the new cover here (and then you’ll know what it’s called, because believe it or not, the book’s not titled “WIP”) and on my fiction blog.

How was your weekend? Did you enjoy it, have a good time? It’s way too hot here, but I still had a GREAT day. My kids are so awesome it makes me all weepy.


Gaining on it…

Well, I wouldn’t say I have the upper hand yet, but I’m gaining ground on my project at work. It’s the one which has been stumping me for nearly a year. It was first tossed out just as a suggestion but now, it’s onThe List and I have to do it. It’s not been easy.

I’ve been working exclusively on this for weeks. I don’t even know what else I can work on at this point. I have to figure out a solution for this. My personal performance evaluation is in July and Lord help me, I’ve got a mighty epic fail on this front.

I also am supposed to be putting together standard work instructions for…I dunno. I have a template to use, and that’s it. I’m supposed to include a flow chart with each one. I don’t even know what goes in a standard work instruction. Seems to me, each job has its own standard work for various things, so we’d have one for order entry, one for contract review prior to order entry, one for order reception prior to contract review prior to order entry…

Oh well, I’m gaining on this one. I’ve got one of two drop-down list boxes filling the right way based on selections from the others. Choose a name, get a list of customers, choose the customer and get any results in the database for that customer. I still have to filter by date range (easy) and then populate a table (harder). Then I have to make the page cough up a spreadsheet based on the selections made (this is the hard one).

I’m working on THE BLURB for my novel now. You know, THE BLURB, that little promo on the back cover, and in this case the product description, so people want to buy and read the book? Yeah, that THE BLURB. I kinda forgot how hard it is to write a good THE BLURB, and how stressful. It’s got to be good, man. I have two, maybe three paragraphs to hook people. If they don’t like THE BLURB, they won’t buy the book. It will get passed right by and lost in the millions of other eBooks on Amazon. (Like it won’t anyway, right?) So, I’m praying and working hard on THE BLURB.

Yay me. What about you? How’s your week so far?

Don’t worry if you’re having a good one … lots of time left to change that. πŸ˜‰