The Results are IN!

Well, I have to say the campaign to get my work into as many hands as possible this past week really paid off.

Not in a financial way – giving books away isn’t known for making one rich – but in a way I never imagined.

This past week, and especially with the help of, my work made it into the hands of more than 2500 people.

Now, as stated, no one ever got rich giving books away. I didn’t make a nickel on that campaign. But my work got into the hands of more than 2500 people, and maybe some afterglow sales will occur. (Nothing’s impossible, right?)

So I’d like to thank EReaderLove for their part in helping me. I don’t know how I got so lucky as to have you pick up my work and showcase it, but I’m very grateful. And if there’s anything I can do to return the favor, please let me know. I’ll help as best I can. (I can’t advertise on my blog, though, sorry.)

wordpress and the art of theme updating

Changing themes in WordPress used to be a hassle.

Once you found a theme you liked – if you found a theme you liked – you’d have to make the change, upload your custom header (if you used one), and reset all your widgets. It used to be a good time to update your blogroll and any other outdated thing in your collection of craptastic.

It was also tedious and a particular pain in the rear.

So, when I finally found a theme I really, really liked, it gave me pause before I decided to change it. Normally, I test those things on my fiction blog, because it’s more static than this one. It also gives me some idea of how much work it will be to do the updating after converting.

My loving spouse has done all the tedium for me for the last couple of years. She’s very, very good at it, and seemed to enjoy the process. (She didn’t cull dead links though.) So while I was under the weather the last couple of days, I decided I’d update my blog with a new theme and see how it went.

It went swimmingly, frankly. It was awesome. WordPress did all the hard work for me. The widgets from my sidebar automatically migrated to their corresponding locations in the footer area. My wife didn’t have to do a thing.

I took the time early to make the banner ahead of time. Then I discovered it worked on my former theme, so I put it in place to see how it’d look. Unfortunately, as good and easy as the migration algorithm is, it didn’t pick up the header image and I had to re-upload it. Interesting note, the preview page for my blog didn’t accurately reflect the position of the new header either.

So, I took my wife’s advice and made a background image of a star field, uploaded it along with my header, and voila! What you have before you is what I’ve come up with. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

I’m also considering buying my domain name (again) and just…using this site for my web page. (My author site as well, because with just a couple of extra steps, I can actually allow downloads of my books.) Any thoughts on that from you all?

Have a great weekend everybody, and I’ll see ya on the other side.


New Pricing on eBooks!

My two collections of short stories, A Fine Cast of Characters and A Moonlit Stroll, are both now even CHEAPER and EASIER than ever!

Yes, like their author, my two collections of short stories for sale on Amazon’s Kindle store and soon, on, are now only $1.99! That’s a full dollar less than it was before!

Go and get yours today!

And, if you enjoy the stories, please be sure to leave a review on either Amazon, GoodReads, Shelfari, or anywhere else you can reach an audience!

…but if you don’t like ’em and think they stink, please don’t leave me a bad review. It hurts my feelings and makes me cwy. (Just kidding.)

Thanks, and spread the word! 😉


“Siren Lake” is now LIVE! (…and priced correctly!)

My newest release, Siren Lake, is now live on Amazon’s Kindle store for a paltry 99 cents (as opposed to the 99 dollars I erroneously tagged it with before)!

Once again, here’s the blurb and link:

Siren Lake


Tam is a curious soul. When she overhears some small town teens talk about a monster in a nearby lake, it’s more than she can resist. Then she finds out the lake has been closed for years. The town’s drying up because of it, and plenty of people have gone missing on or near that lake. What’s happening, and why? Is the monster legend real?

When Tam tries to unearth the truth, the lake ranger steps in to put a stop to her digging. But Tam’s never been one to just give up and go home. She’ll find out what’s happening at Siren Lake, or die trying.

As a reminder, the story will be FREE tomorrow (hrk! another mistake!), but feel free to pick up beforehand if you’d like. I won’t object. 😉