Finally Finished It!

Well, I’ve finally done it – I finished my WIP!

On Sunday I put off my procrastination (ha!) and got to work on that last, pesky chapter of edits to complete my novel. It’s the first full-length novel I’ll self-epub, and it’s ready to go at long last!

All I have to do now is create a cover for it and then begin the long process of getting it uploaded to the KDP and into the Kindle Select program. It will be exclusively for Kindle for a time, but eventually I’ll make it available for Nook and other formats as well. (The Kindle Select program is a ninety day commitment to exclusivity.) Of course, I really can’t say I’ve gotten much but sample downloading from other venues, but maybe that’s my fault. Somehow. I dunno.

Anyway, it’s done! Complete! And I’m so relieved.

Now, onto the next one…

What’d you do this weekend? Have fun?


Time to End It

Well, I’ll be putting “The End” on my WIP finally this weekend.

No more excuses, I’ve lazed about for a full week knowing I had one final chapter to edit. And then, it’s on to make the cover. I have to actually brush up on my Photoshop stuff and see about making that part shine. I’ll be sending an ARC out to anyone who wants one and is willing to leave a review on Amazon for it.

Of course, I don’t really need to send out ARCs. The book is going to be free for the first 90 days of its life while I enter it in the Kindle Select program. Still, it would be nice to have some positive (at least, I hope they’d be positive) reviews on the book when it debuts.

I never really know how much time or effort to put into getting something ready for publication. I’ve seen mistakes in almost every ebook I’ve ever read. I’ve seen mistakes in almost every print book I’ve ever read too, whether legacy or self-published. So, there are going to be things I miss, I’m sure. How perfect do I need this to be? Hm.

Well, I guess time will show. I have a few more things to do first anyway, so there’s really nothing to do but finish the unfinished tasks, which I intend to complete this weekend.

It’ll be too hot here to do anything else.

How ’bout you? Plans for the weekend?


…and then I just stopped…

I don’t know why, but I haven’t felt like doing much of anything at night when I get home except vegging in front of the TV. So, that’s what I’ve done.

I’m so close to finished on my novel – only 2604 words left to edit! – and yet, I can’t make myself get it done. For one thing, I didn’t sleep well on Sunday night. I ended up getting up at five Monday instead of my usual time. I got to bed earlier on Monday night to combat the fatigue, but then I woke up with a strange, almost unidentifiable ache near my shoulder blade. WTF? So I got up about ten minutes before the alarm then.

I couldn’t really concentrate, either. After the morning rush was over I sort of slumped and cruised through my day. I hope I don’t have another weird bout, but I’m due for some ibuprofen to relax that back spasm and see if it will help me sleep through the night. Without pain.

I’m relatively stress-free right now. At least, I think so. So I can’t figure what’s up with the poor sleep (and weird dreams!), and the back issue is just…weird.

I’m hoping tomorrow I can finish that novel, or at least do some of it. I mean, how much self-sabotage do I need to inflict on myself here?

Anyway, I’ll let you all know how things go next time I talk atcha.


Weekend Updates

I actually have some weekend-y updates to share this time. Weird, no?

Friday night I didn’t do much but watch TV. So sue me. I wanted to relax. I love Frasier, and have been re-watching the show through. Love it all over again. I forgot how fond of it I was, even though I didn’t follow it through to the end when it aired originally. I’m a little startled how long it’s been off the air. Goodness, the years get away from me. Continue reading

Good News, and GREAT News

The good news:

As you all know, on Tuesday I was out of work because of car issues. Yay.

On Wednesday and Thursday, I had awesome work days. I got in, dug down deep, and with the Lord’s guidance and help, I solved a problem I couldn’t solve for more than a week of trying. Wednesday, I tackled a problem plaguing our Customer Service Supervisor for almost a year. She asked me to address it last July, and try as I might, I couldn’t solve it.

I had to do the work on Wednesday I couldn’t get to on Tuesday, then I had time to work on the programming stuff because my boss is awesome and called off one of the things I normally have to do. Instead, I looked at my infamous project list (remember that? fondly nicknamed “the noose”?), and because he’d asked me to try and have the matter with this problem resolved by the end of the month so our customer service team can use it for their personal performance plans (PPPs), I knuckled down and walked through the page.

Continue reading