Meet Elisa Michelle

I want to introduce you to Elisa Michelle.

Elisa’s a writer who is, besides being very, very young, on a quest to find herself in the convoluted and crazy world which is publishing in 2011. She’s very talented (and I’ve always thought so, from our earliest encounters on deviantART), and is trying her hand at sort of a dark fantasy-dystopian future sort of novel series. (She has to finish the first one though.)

Elisa’s very smart, but she’s also young and impressionable. Nevertheless, she presses on as best she can and I think she does a decent job of weighing her options. She’s also very good at procrastinating.

I’ve offered to help Elisa with her writing, though she hasn’t taken me up on it (she might not think much of me as a writer — I certainly don’t at this point). But like most other writers I know, she thrives on feedback. And one story she wrote recently got picked up and put on StumbleUpon. Once it did, she got thousands of hits and hundreds of reads, and now she has dozens and dozens of comments too. The piece wasn’t stellar in its writing, and may not even have been a unique or unusual idea, but the piece spoke to so many people. The writing’s weaknesses and flaws actually helped it read more realistically than if she’d cleaned it up too much. And the reviews are, to a person as far as I know, positive.

So, I thought I’d take a moment and introduce you to Elisa Michelle, an up and coming writer with a lot of talent and not nearly as much security or resolution as she needs. (Yes, dear, you need to decide whether you’ll publish or self-publish, get in or get out, and get on.)

Check out her work, and let her know what you think.


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My buddy Absolutely*Kate, one of the most colorful and powerful voices in hardboiled, noir-genre prose I’ve read in many a long year, did me a great honor and pubbed one of my #FlashFriday pieces from late last year!

Now, it probably wasn’t the best choice I could’ve made. She asked me for a piece and under the deadline I didn’t think I could dash one off which would uphold the standard she’s set for featuring artists. So I gave her one which I liked and which had a warm reception from the reading public.

I hate being repetitious and hope it won’t work against me, since a lot of the FF writers have already read it, but I was so honored to be asked to join the featured artists AT THE BIJOU.

Please, if you have time go check out the arrangement Absolutely*Kate gave the piece and tell her what you think of it. (Polite company language only, please! Heh.)

Thanks y’all!


Quick Hit and Random Stuff

Nothing to say, really; just a little brain stew.

SSRLP is kickin’ my a$$. No two ways about it.

WIGSF has a really nice post today. Go check it out and get a smile on.

My beloved did her usual Tuesday Tootsie, so you can go see some strange and unique shoes if you’re a mind to. Remember they’re women’s shoes though.

I got some bad news on the employment front (or UNemployment front, I guess), so if you’re the praying type, we need all of that you can spare. And any money you can spare would be welcome too. (HA! Wacka wacka wacka! Insert rim-shot here.)

How ‘bout some poetry? Check out Jaymie’s blog or Danielle’s blog. Or go see Louise Dragon (Weezel) or Al Bruno III for some intriguing and unique stories. Linda did a nice little fun exercise a few days ago; you writers can check it out here.

Sorry, not much else going on today. A lot of worry and stress. A lot of graying hair. A lot of fear and panic.

How’s it by you?



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A Little Replay

alphainventionsdotcom I’ve been telling you about for a while now, but I want to revisit the utility because Cheru Jackson, the programmer and genius behind the app, has revamped how it looks and maybe how it works.  He’s also interested in feedback to see how it can be further improved.

AlphaInventions is a rotational blog reader which allows users to view many different blogs, stop on those of interest and input their own.  There are a couple of ways to do that, but the best way is to donate to their cause and get a place of honor in their system.  Other methods include writing a nice blog post about them and simply bumping someone out of line in the queue with your own URL.  (No one’s feelings get hurt; it’s allowed.)

AlphaInventions is a good way to get some immediate exposure to your blog.  You all know what a hit-count whore I am, so it’s no surprise I write a post like this every once in a while.  Besides, I think it’s neat tool and I don’t mind pimping it, even if it doesn’t generate a lot of traffic (and to date, no new readers I know of).

Then again, my blog’s kind of mundane and unfocused.  Those of you with more purposeful and intent blogs might find there are people who want to read about what you’ve got to say.  Poets, get on board with it.  Get yourself out there, in front of people.  Poetry seems very popular with blog readers and seems to draw a lot of attention anyway, especially when you’re good at it (just look at my buddy Jaymie’s blog for a great example!).  Writers, see if you can hook someone with your wordsmithing, and maybe you can find someone of interest yourself to follow.  The thing to remember is, this isn’t going to flood your blog with subscribers and readers; but it can expose you to others who are of similar interest.  That might lead to mutual commenting and watching.  Networking is still king for exposure.

It’s a great tool and Cheru has a Facebook page you can follow too.  Give it shot, it’s nifty cool and clever.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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Flash Friday/Friday Flash

I don’t know if the hash tag is #flashfriday, or #fridayflash, and I found both on Twitter, so I didn’t know which to use.  Guess I’ll use ‘em both?

Whatever it’s called, I finally broke inertia a little and wrote something.  I need a special shout-out here for a few folks who’ve helped with critiques over the last week or so.

For one, my buddy Sherri.  Her insights are amazing, which is no surprise because she’s an awesome writer.  I don’t know what I’d do without her.  Thanks, Sher, you rock.  I appreciate it.  I know this isn’t your favorite piece, but you helped me just the same, and that means a lot to me.  I’ve never failed to grow after you’ve pruned.

Next, another friend and awesome writer pitched in on short notice not once, but twice this week.  He used to go by the handle Dwight Wannabe, but he’s taken down his blog now.  Maybe I can shame him into getting it back up someday.  It was an incredible resource.  DW, I just can’t quit you dude.  Thanks for being there and being willing to not withhold your honesty.  I learned valuable things from this, and I’ll be a better writer for it.  Thank you.

Finally, my amazing, beautiful and wondrous wife, who is always my first, best reader, and without whom fingers would never reach keyboard.  I love you.

So, without further ado, my contribution to this week’s #flashfriday or #fridayflash is at my fiction blog, awaiting your perusal.

Have a great weekend, everyone.  God bless.


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