Mission Accomplished!

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Well!  I did it!

I set out to get my resume reformatted, to a more practical style, and hoped to add some “buzz words” to it which would make it more desirable for recruiters and hiring managers.  I also wanted to shorten it if I could — it was a whopping three pages before.

And, as I let you all know in my last post, I thought this would take me a couple of days.  As it turns out, it didn’t.  I got some amazing feedback from some special friends — namely, Damyanti and KreeStee.  Without their invaluable input, I wouldn’t have been able to do this.  As it is, I finished it last night and I’ll be hitting the job boards with it tonight before bedtime.

I’m sort of stoked about it, really.  I have a lot of hope this will change the amount of hits I’m getting now, and if I can increase activity, maybe something will come through.  Everyone I talk to says I have great experience and qualifications, but no one’s biting on the bait right now.

So, everyone cross your fingers and say a prayer.  Maybe this is what I need to break something loose.

Thanks for all the unflagging support, and words of encouragement.  I appreciate it.  I’ll let you know if things get better.


Time to Shake Things Up

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Sometimes, I’m a little dense.  A little thick-headed.  A little dumb.  But eventually, I learn.  And I have finally learned something.  What was it?  That what I’m doing to solve my current situational problem isn’t working.

Well, now I think it’s high time I recognized continuing to do things the same way is going to lead to the same results, and y’all, that ain’t good.

So, I can’t promise I’ll be as active online for a little while as I try to straighten out my resume.  I’m going to try for a new format and a few variations on it, to see if applying for positions with something more specialized helps.  In time.

I’ve been putting this off for a long time because I hate the idea of struggling to come up with buzz words (and not knowing that they should be!), and fighting to make correlations between my actual skills and things being sought in the marketplace.  No more.  I can’t run the machine the same way anymore.  Just can’t.

So, despite my procrastinated desire to work on my manuscript, I have to put that off and look at doing something drastic to my resume and see if I can land the elusive job in the land of 8% unemployment.  Since this is priority one, I’ll have to put off other writing things I want to do, too.

Wish me luck, and if any of you have specific buzz words you can offer me from today’s employment market, please feel free to do so.

See ya when I can!

Traffic Patterns and Blogging

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So it must be wedding season in south-central Asia.

I can tell, because most of the time, my daily posts will outstrip the posts about bio-data information during the week, then lag behind over the weekend when I’m not posting.  It’s always neck-and-neck, down to the wire, but my posts are usually more popular in terms of views on a daily basis than the bio stuff.

Not so lately, though.  This week, the wedding resumes are more popular by a fair stretch.  Today (as I write this, which is a Wednesday), it’s a 33% margin of lead.

I get over a hundred views a day now pretty consistently, but I owe most of that to the personal and professional bio-data information I compiled last year.  If I remove that from my blog (and don’t think I haven’t considered it), I wonder where I’ll end up?  Probably something more akin to what I have on my fiction blog (which ain’t much, rarely more than five and never consistent).

It’s been sort of tricky for me to figure out what would drive traffic to my blog over the time I’ve been interested in that.  For one thing, I don’t have a consistent topic about which I blog.  For another, my search terms were always slanted toward the personal CV stuff because I mentioned it in a post once.  Since it was ticking me off, I decided to give ’em what they want, and now, I have no other search terms at all bringing people to my blog.

Nothing wrong with being focused, I guess, and having a targeted audience.  That just isn’t the one I wanted.

Here’s a few things, if you’re interested, that I found in my research to drive traffic to your blog:

  1. Comment on other blogs.  Folks who see your comments around the blogosphere will follow you home, so to speak.
  2. Join a forum.  Got a hobby or interest you like blogging about?  Find a forum about that topic, comment and post, and put your blog address in your signature.  Voila, more hits.
  3. Put your blog address in your signature on your emails and anywhere else you might correspond or be seen.  Your Twitter profile for instance, or your Facebook or MySpace page.
  4. Make sure you link to other blogs similar to yours or of interest to you and your intended audience.  Also communicate with similarly targeted bloggers and see about exchanging links and link-backs.
  5. Make use of ping sites like Technorati.
  6. Add chicklets to your blog for sites like Technorati, Reddit, Digg, Del.icio.us, etc.
  7. Put an RSS feed button on your blog.

Just some general items you can use to pull some traffic your way.