Meet Elisa Michelle

I want to introduce you to Elisa Michelle.

Elisa’s a writer who is, besides being very, very young, on a quest to find herself in the convoluted and crazy world which is publishing in 2011. She’s very talented (and I’ve always thought so, from our earliest encounters on deviantART), and is trying her hand at sort of a dark fantasy-dystopian future sort of novel series. (She has to finish the first one though.)

Elisa’s very smart, but she’s also young and impressionable. Nevertheless, she presses on as best she can and I think she does a decent job of weighing her options. She’s also very good at procrastinating.

I’ve offered to help Elisa with her writing, though she hasn’t taken me up on it (she might not think much of me as a writer — I certainly don’t at this point). But like most other writers I know, she thrives on feedback. And one story she wrote recently got picked up and put on StumbleUpon. Once it did, she got thousands of hits and hundreds of reads, and now she has dozens and dozens of comments too. The piece wasn’t stellar in its writing, and may not even have been a unique or unusual idea, but the piece spoke to so many people. The writing’s weaknesses and flaws actually helped it read more realistically than if she’d cleaned it up too much. And the reviews are, to a person as far as I know, positive.

So, I thought I’d take a moment and introduce you to Elisa Michelle, an up and coming writer with a lot of talent and not nearly as much security or resolution as she needs. (Yes, dear, you need to decide whether you’ll publish or self-publish, get in or get out, and get on.)

Check out her work, and let her know what you think.


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‘Nother Late Post

Well, I’m late getting this one up again. Sorry.

I honestly have an excuse this time though. We had overnight company last night and enjoyed IRL face-to-face interaction with a childhood friend of my wife’s who came in from California. The people he’s staying with paid for his trip, have paid for all his meals, drove him down and dropped him off to be with us and will be picking him up again today. And all this without accepting our offer of money for gas, dinner, a hotel room or even cookies. What generous folk they are!

Because of their good hearts we have a chance to see someone we haven’t seen in almost 10 years and spend good, quality time with him. It’s been a blessing beyond what I can express, and I know my beloved is glad she didn’t have to miss the chance because our crappy car limited how far we could go. That and my job, of course.

So that’s why I’m late posting, but hopefully I’ll have something for you on Friday. No promises though, because I’m WAY behind on my non-fiction thing and didn’t do squat with that last night.

See ya!


Hey, Yellowcat, I.O.U. …

… an apology.

Last time I posted (a week ago now!), I mentioned my friend Yellowcat and said I didn’t always agree with her in my post. In context, I was talking about how she posts on her amusing blog about her customers and how they act, but I never said that in my post. And even now, trying to explain, it’s a bit jumbled, so I know I didn’t communicate what I intended.

I was complaining – okay, raving – about people on Amazon who give a book a one-star rating because they don’t like the price. Well, the author doesn’t control that, and the author is the one reflected in those reviews. The other potential buyers looking at the ratings of a book will see several one-star ratings and might be put off buying it without reading the reviews themselves.

I said, in my last post, this is akin to someone giving my friend yellowcat a bad tip because they don’t like the restaurant’s policies or prices. I added that I don’t always agree with yellowcat’s viewpoints, but I said that without making it clear that I DO agree with her, completely, on that point. She should not – neither any other food server, for that matter, unless they participate directly in setting policies for the restaurant – be punished by poor tips for things out of her control.

I will clarify now: I agree that authors should not be punished for book pricing as I agree that yellowcat and people doing her job should not be punished for restaurant policy over which they have no control.

So, Yellowcat, I apologize for sounding like a complete ass who just disagrees with you. I think highly of you and I didn’t mean to appear otherwise. We don’t always agree on the customer-server conflicts, but I have always considered you a friend and I hope I haven’t offended you with this careless statement. It was not my intent to do so. I humbly apologize and ask for your forgiveness publicly.

In other news, I’m still slurping and slurping and slurping. *Sigh* I’ll miss NaNoWriMo again – I usually do – and this year I actually have ideas I could pump through. Oh well. Like I always say, there’s always next year.

So… how was your weekend?

God bless all.


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Painful Rounds

I’ve been to a few blogs over the last couple of days to find people I dind’t expect to reveal their pain revealing their pain.

Seems the world has been less than kind to a lot of people recently, and while a few I know seem to make a habit out of stepping into a barrel full of scat and coming out smelling like a rose, it’s been sort of eye-opening for me to find most people are as vulnerable to pain and suffering as I am. I guess misery really does love company.

Not that I’m wishing anything but good fortune on those I see and follow. In the blogosphere, the only real friends I have, I don’t like finding out how much agony there is. I pray for them when I know they’re hurting, but I’m learning a lot about prayer right now and well… I don’t know.

How about the faithful readers and commentators here? Any of you have something bothering you you’d like to unload? Anything hurting you right now, keeping the smile from your face, keeping the spring out of your step? Or maybe it’s more serious and is weighing heavy on your heart. Dragging you under, so to speak.

You’ve all been good to me, now I want to try and return the favor.

This is your thread. I’m not going to answer, but for everyone who leaves a little bit of their pain here, a little piece of your heart laid bare and hurting here, I’ll be praying over the weekend for you.

It’s all I can offer to do to help you, if that matters to you, and it’s the least I can do for those for whom I have cared so much.

Sound off if you’re of a mind to. And God bless.


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