My buddy Absolutely*Kate, one of the most colorful and powerful voices in hardboiled, noir-genre prose I’ve read in many a long year, did me a great honor and pubbed one of my #FlashFriday pieces from late last year!

Now, it probably wasn’t the best choice I could’ve made. She asked me for a piece and under the deadline I didn’t think I could dash one off which would uphold the standard she’s set for featuring artists. So I gave her one which I liked and which had a warm reception from the reading public.

I hate being repetitious and hope it won’t work against me, since a lot of the FF writers have already read it, but I was so honored to be asked to join the featured artists AT THE BIJOU.

Please, if you have time go check out the arrangement Absolutely*Kate gave the piece and tell her what you think of it. (Polite company language only, please! Heh.)

Thanks y’all!


Be vewy vewy quiet…

I have nothing to say, so I’ll dump a bunch of random stuff all over you today.  Click away now if you don’t like that sort of thing, because here it comes:

  • I used to get a bunch of hits on my movie reviews, but lately, not much happens when I give ‘em. Which is weird, because it’s not like I ever talked about brand-new movies or reviewed current hits or anything. I’ve been able to see more recent movies since our library stepped up their game with DVDs, but I’m not a theater fan. Kids, cell phones, inconsiderate slobs…no thanks. Still, I wondered what might have changed in why my movie reviews have dropped in popularity. It’s sort of intriguing.
  • Since I’ve stopped blogging daily, it’s actually harder to come up with post ideas. I don’t have even the vaguest clue why that might be true. It’s weird.
  • Any post ideas I do managed to come up with seem to garner fewer and fewer views and comments. People are tired of whatever it is I’m talking  I about (or not talking about), and have gone on to other things. I think I’m also whiny and repetitious, and that’s a formula for blog obscurity. I thought about bringing back my marriage resume pages just to feel popular again. At least in India they liked me. *Sniff*
  • I don’t like deviantART anymore. I have no idea why. I just … don’t want to keep it up and stay there, even though I have friends I can’t contact anywhere else on the ‘Net. *Sigh*
  • I still haven’t started my new novel. Not word one. I’ve written a lot of Friday Flash pieces though. For some reason, I’m paralyzed on the new project and I’m completely out of excuses. Maybe I’m just burned out. Or talentless.
  • I liked what was happening when I had SEO stuff in my head and could write about things like jobs and poeple I saw on the train. I got nothin’ now.
  • I need a job. Big time. I just found out a lot of companies are bypassing resumes from people who are out of work. They’re only considering employed people who are looking for new positions. That seems stupid to me. If they dumped their last company, why won’t they dump you when a better offer comes along? Meanwhile, I’d be so grateful to get a job I’d cry and swear my allegiance in a blood oath or by killing someone. Or a chicken. But hey, what do I know?

Okay, enough’s enough. Maybe I’ll blog about bacon next week. That seemed like a big hit last time I did it.

God bless and have a great weekend, y’all.

The results are in…

A couple of weeks ago, a dear friend told my wife about her new Kindle. She’d been doing some reading of free stories and books on Amazon’s Kindle store. She said there’s a huge selection up there of free stuff and a good amount of it climbs to the top ranking spots.

Who doesn’t like free stuff after all?

But more interestingly, she also saw a lot of comments from readers stating they LOVED the writer’s work and couldn’t WAIT for their next project to be released. When it was they would SO login and buy it.

That prompted my dear, sweet friend – who thinks WAY too highly of my writing – to suggest perhaps I should put some of my work online with the Amazon Kindle store and give it away for free. This would build a following, and she was sure (bless her heart!) I’d have a HUGE following. All of whom would POUNCE at the first chance to buy a novel when I published it for pay.

I talked about all this and asked for your input here, remember?

Anyway, I looked into it and found some interesting things for those of you who wondered. It’s beyond the jump, so those who don’t care don’t have to go.

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To share, or not to share?

So, I have a close friend who really enjoys my writing. Recently, she got a Kindle and has been lovin’ on that bad boy. She says she can get all kinds of free things for it, too. So she’s been downloading stuff to read and not coming around my blog so much.

She’s also a big, big proponent of FanFiction.net. She loves reading stuff there, and I guess a big-named writer, Rhiannon SomethingorOther (she couldn’t remember the last name) got her start on FF.net too. She’s a fan of my writing and has urged me to share the work I’m already giving away on a couple of those sites to promote myself, make a name, develop a fanbase and following.

Now, with non-fiction, GENERALLY, you need to have a platform to make a proposal. If you don’t have a platform, which means a following, an established audience and the promotional skills to move it forward, you aren’t likely to get accepted to write the book. Exceptions are celebrity authors, doing crap no one wants to read and getting seven-digit advances for it.

With fiction, however, there is GENERALLY no need to have a platform prior to querying an agent or editor. They may, however, ask you for your proposal (which means they want to know how hard you’re willing to work for free and how much of your own money you’re willing to spend). Nevertheless, in general, an agent is the first step in the publication process and they generally handle most of the other aspects of marketing the book to the publishing houses behind the scene.

Still … some of the writers have very high numbers for followers and people who avow to spend hard-earned CASH to buy something when their favorite authors put something up for sale. Money, after all, is a great motivator for me. More money? More motivation. You’d be amazed how much I can write when I’m paid to do it.

What do you all think? Is it a good idea to give up my fiction blog as my place for free samples (yeah, right) of my work? Should I hit a higher traffic site? Does having a following make any difference to an agent?

Sound off and lemme know. I’m curious. I already have one strong “DO IT!” in my corner. Where do you fall?


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It Begins … Again

Well, last night and the night before I did something I haven’t done in a long, long time.

I opened my WIP manuscript and did some editing.

It’s amazing. It’s been about 18 months since I even looked at the stupid thing. I realized several months ago it’s going to need major revisions, but I lacked the energy to aggressively attack those issues, so I let it languish a while longer. (Here’s an interesting phenomenon: When I go to write or edit anything – anything at all – I get sleepy. Any other writers experience this or similar?) Well, I got tired of looking at it there on my desktop, mocking me. So I opened it and started … well, editing.

I’ve called this my second draft, but you know what? It’s really still my first. I had no idea what the heck I was doing when I wrote this thing in the first place. I had no idea what story structure looked like, what things should go where. I was armed with the maxim Omit Needless Words and I interpreted “needless” as “adverbs ending in –ly” so I set out to destroy them. Now I read through the prose and it feels like I’m looking at someone else’s work. Someone else who’s a two-bit hack who has no business trying to be published.

I look back on the evolution of this thing and realize how many mistakes I made along the way. I wrote it as a serial for my deviantART page and the readers I’d acquired there (all but gone now, since I’ve been SOOOO inactive for SOOOO long). So the books isn’t really divided into the logical scenes it might’ve been had I planned it as … well, as a novel instead of as a serial. In fact, I never intended for this to be a story at all. My wife basically hounded (read: nagged) me into keeping it going because she really thought it was something special. I guess time will show but what started as a writing exercise finally grew into a complete, if not well-written, story of its own.

Now, I have to fix it, and the more I learn about the craft of writing, the more I realize it’s broken. It has plot holes, research issues, prose problems, and is completely devoid of –ly adverbs outside of dialog (which I don’t intend to change, btw). But the basis for the idea is there, and I wonder if it’s worth the effort required or if I should just abandon it and start something new.

It has its fans. My buddy Raga, for one. I met her because she found my blog through Bryce’s site and fell in love with one of my characters. She read the story from start to finish and came out of hiding when I called my lurkers out. She is my greatest non-spousal fan and biggest non-spousal supporter and I’m eternally grateful for her. (She’s a fantastic, loyal and loving friend, too, if I’ve never said it before.) Because of her, and people like her, I don’t know if I can just give up on my poor, battered, deformed, miscreant little manuscript. I don’t know at what point I should move on. Or rewrite the damn thing (which isn’t an exciting idea, at all). Or forget it, leave it as it, compile it into a PDF for those who are interested and let it be finished. Move to a new project.

*Sigh* Many decisions, few brains. What to do?

Any opinions?


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