Blowin’ It

I’m not doing too well with getting back on the video training horse. I just don’t feel like it lately. I can’t let that persist, of course, but I’ve just been a bit rundown and exhausted of late. I don’t know exactly why.

I don’t have a good post for today either. I thought I had something niggling in the back of my mind, a Whensday post, but no…no, I’ve lost it. I can’t remember even what it might have been. I guess it wasn’t important.

So, I’ve been looking into podcasting instead. Don’t know why — I can’t stand the sound of my own voice, I don’t have anything interesting to say (as those of you who follow this blog for some reason can attest), and I don’t know the first thing about doing it. But like everything else, when I get curious, I pursue.

Ah, well. Today is another heavy reporting day at work. The kids and beloved spouse are off from school today so they can sleep in a bit. And it’s the middle of the week; the stretch toward the weekend begins.

Happy Humpday, y’all.

Weekend Blahs

Well, I had one boring weekend. I felt so run down and dragged out, I didn’t do much but sit around watching marathons on Netflix and checking my email and Google Reader occasionally. I couldn’t even get the kids to give me their Christmas lists. Yeah, it was a slow weekend ’round these parts. Nothing like product writing occurred at all this weekend, to be honest with you.

But I’m not apologetic about that, because the odds of my finishing this stupid thing before the end of the year are slim to none now anyway. Nevertheless, I feel terrible later about these things for some reason. The fact is,  I’ve had something on my mind from work and it’s bugging me. Still, the book’s not going to write itself. I have to force myself to do it, but that seems…forced.

The only other major problem I have is the uncomfortable chair I have at my desk. I can’t sit in it for long and that’s problematic for writing a novel. So there’s that, but that can’t be address for…some time.

And my sandwich hits seem to have run their course. I didn’t have anywhere near as many hits on Friday despite the use of the word “sandwich” in my post title. Ah, well. All good things, right?

How was your weekend?


Freaky Friday

Well, we had some freakish events around here the last couple days.

  • I might, MIGHT, have figured out what’s wrong with my back, completely by accident, without spending a nickel. That, if true, would, as the kids say nowadays, rock. I’ll let you know as time goes on whether my theory pans out or not.
  • My loving wife took a horrible and frightening fall in the kitchen on a wet floor on Thursday. Panic, screams, lots of heart palpitations. She’s sore. No indication yet whether she needs to be looked at or not, but we don’t have any health insurance regardless, so … yeah. If you pray, pray for her. She’s sore but not in agony. Broke a couple of toe nails in the spill somehow too.
  • Summer reared its ugly head for what will hopefully be the last time here on Thursday too. We sat tight in the air conditioning while the heat and humidity flamed outside. Ugh. Nearly ninety with high humidity. On the upside, there was a lot of wind during the day and last night, a lot of rain too. Today is supposed to be about twenty degrees cooler. (That’s Fahrenheit; for my friends using the metric system it was about 31 here yesterday and will be about ten degrees cooler today.)
  • I watched a movie called “Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas” with my wife over dinner last night. It’s based on a title of the same name by James Patterson, who also acted as executive producer. I’ve never read any of Patterson’s novels, and if it’s the SAME Patterson (who does crime thrillers, I thought), he ought NOT to venture outside his genre again. Ever. What a stinker.
  • I didn’t get much Slurpin’ done needless to say. I decided to get all my procrastinating done and out of the way early, but it ended up taking up most of my day. Ah well. That’s what tomorrows are for.

So, any big plans for the weekend with you?


Wednesday: Wanderings

Have you ever started out in one direction or doing one thing and ended up somewhere doing something you never intended? You know, you meant to go to a favorite restaurant or something and ended up someplace else for some reason? Or maybe you started a project with one outcome in mind but something else emerged unexpectedly along the way.

When I built furniture, I did a lot of planning in my head. I wrote down dimension and measurements, to be sure, but the vision of the piece I was building and the construction methods to assemble it often came on the fly. Sometimes it turned out just like I saw it in my head, and other times it didn’t. Sometimes those on-the-fly changes worked in my favor, and sometimes they made a lot of firewood. And I didn’t have a fireplace.

When I write, I’ve found it beneficial not to do this. I have a scene or an exchange in my head. Sometimes it’s an idea for a novel, but more often than not, that grows out of a single vision, a single snippet of thought or vision in my mind which blossoms into more. That’s not enough to write an entire novel around, and sometimes it’s not enough to write a short piece around either, and so I end up spending a lot of time letting the idea percolate. If it blooms into something more, I’ve got something more, but a lot of times, I have a disjointed set of scenes and characters which don’t add up to much of anything.

The urge to write something substantial is banging on my head right now. As I’ve noted before here, nothing stimulates my creativity like having something more important to do than indulge it. When I didn’t have a Slurp to occupy my time, I was as idea-dry as the Sahara is water-dry. And the ideas I’d written down when they came to me didn’t motivate me enough to write. But now, I feel the thumping in my head which wants me to sit down, finish the tiny bits of structural planning I have to do, and write them. At least ONE of them. And yet, I have to write the non-fic. And I’ve been missing motivation there too.

So I have a daunting project and little motivation to do it. But until I get it done I can’t really embark on a big personal (read: non-paying) project either. So I’m in a creative Catch-22 and can’t do anything to budge myself either way. Oh, it’s not a permanent condition by any stretch, but it’s an annoying one. Aggravating. And I can’t figure out where my “want-to” has gone.

How often do you have to tap your self-discipline to force yourself to do something you’ve planned to do but haven’t “gotten around to”? Does procrastination overtake you or do you just slip into inertia? Or maybe you’re a dynamo, with more energy than the Energizer Bunny on meth. If so, what sorts of things do you do to focus that energy and … aw, forget it. If that’s you, we can’t relate to each other.

Sound off, fellow back-sliders! Let me know how you deal with it and what doesn’t work, too.


Being Prompt

I went to to pick out some potential prompts for today. There were a couple of possibilities, but some of the suggestions are clearly for the MySpace generation.

  • Fictionalize a real argument you’ve had; write only in dialog. Nah. Boring. I can’t remember the last argument I had anyway. It was probably lame and odds are, I lost.
  • Write a story in dialog; your characters: Two cops in Alaska. Okay, this one tempted me like a giant hot dog suspended from a Voot cruiser tempts Pipi the gargantuan hamster of doom. But no. If I wanted to publish fiction on my blog, I would (as opposed to my fiction blog where I DO post fiction). When I did post fiction here, no one liked it (hit counts don’t lie, people).
  • Something about comfort food. Yeah, right. I don’t get comfort from food, I get fatter. And I don’t need to carry on about something I love to eat that I can’t afford anymore. Pass.
  • Defend your vice; how did you start? Last time I did this, commentator Bob got his feelings a little hurt and it took a while to get things worked out. No thanks. I’m not here to ruffle feathers, I’m here to have a little joy. Besides, I gave that vice up and haven’t decided what I’ll replace it with yet.
  • Describe what you looked like in high school for your memoir. Eh? What I looked like in high school? Why would that make it to my memoir? Jeezum crow, I don’t know if I can remember what I looked like in high school My wife’s behind me going, “I was hot! I was hot!” I rolled my eyes.

Plinky’s prompts stank, frankly. I got bored after these (but that Alaskan cop one kept coming back to me), so I quit. I bitched to my wife, who told me to use the Creativity some-crap-or-other.

So I get the URL and hop over there. I have to dig a little, but I finally found the writing prompts.

  • High school… That’s it. Nothing more. I’m like, “WTF?” Nah.
  • I remember… That’s it. Nothing more. I’m like, “WTF?” I remember lots of things. C’mon. Seriously, c’mon.

Okay, that’s far enough, I can’t take it. So I sit back, sigh heavy and wonder what the hell I’m going to blog about today.



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