Jumping the Gun?


My dilemma seems to have horns like this...

Can you start working on your next novel too soon?

I’ve had a couple of novels in desperate need of editing laying around for a couple of years now. (One of them for something more akin to five years now.)  But I’ve never gone back to them because I either get distracted, derailed, or otherwise taken off my chosen path — writing. Sometimes it’s a technical failure, like in 2008 when I lost everything on the USB flash drive I used to work my edits for my first completed manuscript. All of those awesome edits were lost forever. Or maybe it’s more like the one in 2010, where my computer just crashed and took a lot of what was left with it. I was lucky in the crash of 2011; I lost stuff already backed up to my love‘s 1TB drive.

Other times it’s just a dry spell. I have 40K written in the sequel to the aforementioned finished manuscript, but that’s it. I just…ran out of steam. After all my editing efforts died, I got blasted by some people on my deviantart page about something stupid, and I just sort of lost interest in writing for a while.

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