Using Social Networking for Gain

Facebook, Inc.

My buddy Sherri has done something sort of interesting over on Facebook recently: she created a fan page for herself.

She’s not boasting about her readership or anything, but she took a step toward the day when she does get published and will have fans.  She can use it to promote her books, and generate interest in future projects, etc.  It was an interesting idea, and I wondered if it was a wise move to have one ahead of time.

See, since FB is one of the social network buzz-word sites, I wondered if you could generate fans there by having a fan page.  You might create some interest in what you’re doing, getting the word out about being an artist, writer, creator, whatever.  Generate some pre-emptive interest in you, your writing (for us writers, at least), and maybe pull in some people who might be potential fans if and when we get published.

Trouble is, I don’t know too much about it.  I don’t know how to promote myself on Facebook or anywhere else, and marketing isn’t my forte.  So I haven’t made the step yet.  Heck, I don’t even have a finished manuscript.  (Still editing, remember?  Yeah, I forgot too.)  So I’m not sure I could use it to good effect, even if I could figure out how to create one (or meet the qualifications if any).

Still, I wondered.  And I often wonder about Twitter too.  I know I’m not using that resource to full effect, and I won’t be able to really get into it until I actually have something I want to do with Twitter to promote myself.  I know plenty of authors don’t get into social networking, but we’re talking about people like Stephen King (who doesn’t involve himself in any social networking of any kind).  For little bums like me, I need all the help I can get.  If social networking is a way to generate some buzz – because my blog only goes so far – I probably need to think about it.

What do you think?  Anyone here on FB who’d be willing to “become a fan” on Facebook?  Are you savvy with how to use that for self-promotion, or have you utilized it to get the word to the world about something you’re doing?  And Sherri, how’s that coming along for you?  What can you do so far with your fan page?

Any experiences you have, I’d love to hear.  Thanks!


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Bloggin’ and Jonesin’

So, there I sat, racking my brain for a blog post idea, and all of a sudden, I realize I got a problem.

I can’t stop.  I can’t quit.  I can’t even back off at this point, slow down, take ‘er easy.

I have to blog.  I have to.

A lot of folks get addicted to their blogs, and you’ve probably noticed a recurring theme in my posts this week about acting like a person even on the Internet.  Well, I didn’t notice the theme until today.  And when I sat back and looked at it, I realized I may be a little too involved in my online life.

Now, to be honest, I don’t have many friends in the real world.  Some of you go out with others and see things, experience things, enjoy things.  Me, I look ‘em up on the Internet and figure that’s about as much of it as I want.  As for friends, well … based on my experience with “friends”, they’re overrated.  Family?  Pff, please.  The only family I’m interested in is the one living under my roof.  The others have all screwed me over and ticked me off over the years so much, I’ve written them off and let them go.  And while I don’t mind socializing with actual humans – you know, at places of work, or in areas of general conglomeration – it’s not something I need, this “human interaction”.  I’m a little unique in that respect from most others I know.

But take away my ability to blog?  Tweet on Twitter?  Get artsy on deviantART?  Well, now I’m gonna start the DTs, and it’s not going to be pretty.  I’m gonna be sad, moody, depressed, then alternately pissed off, cranky, and generally unpleasant (some say this is already my state, what would be different?).  I’m going down in flames if I lose access to my beloved Internet.  And my financial/employment situation being what it is, you can bet your sweet heinie I’m getting nervous.

And nothing rammed that home to me as much as realizing, maybe for the first time, how seriously I take this blogging stuff.  I mean, I spend hours thinking about what topics to blog on, then I spend minutes writing them up, then I spend more minutes editing them and catching typos, and then seconds posting them.  It’s exhausting I tell you.

But hey – everyone needs a hobby, right?  And it’s cheaper than woodworking or even stamp collecting, so I guess it’s not that bad.  Right?


Or should I take some time off and try to wean myself?  What do you think?  And how much effort do you put into blogging?  Is it just for giggles or do you try to be somewhat serious?  Am I the only one?

See?  I have a problem.


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Sucking at Social Networking

Facebook, Inc.

Yeah, I’m so not good at this social networking thing.

I have an LinkedIn account, and I’m there because it’s supposed to help you make connections with other people who might help you get a job or know someone who might connect you with someone who might know someone who might need someone who does what you do in their industry.  Or something.  I can’t handle it.  You’re supposed to be able to get recommendations from people there on work you’ve done in the past.  But when I ask people for recommendations they run screaming in the other direction.  It’s supposedly has a great job search and posting feature, but I’ve had zero luck with it.  And while I appreciate having the account, I don’t think I’m doing it right somehow and can’t make it work well for me.  I feel like a redneck hayseed who just found a piece of alien technology and is trying to figure out whether it’s a tonsil cleaner, an anal probe or something else altogether.

I have an account with Twitter, too.  Guess what?  I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with Twitter.  I can follow job accounts and I do, but they’re usually pretty generic.  I haven’t found one yet I could actually apply for.  In the meantime the most use I’m getting out of Twitter is monitoring the activities of people I know who actually have lives and do things they can update about.  Me?  Not so much.  I bust out with the occasional #5secfic update because those are fun, but for the most part?  No one cares what I have to say or what I’m doing.  “I’m sitting around imitating a manatee out of water.”  “I’m watching myself gain weight while scouring the Internet job boards and looking for free pr0n sites.”  “I’m about to go to the bathroom and, based on how I feel right now, it might be a while.”  These are not things people want to read, y’know?  Go figure.

I have a Facebook account too.  Initially, I really thought very little of it.  I joined thinking, hey, why not?  Can it hurt?  I tried to connect with my high school buddies at first, then I realized I don’t have any high school buddies, and for the love of Pete I never did.  I knew them; they knew me.  I was a loner in high school, and don’t even go by the same name.  A lot of these people have no frickin’ idea who I am or why I sent them a friend request, but they accepted anyway.  That’s weird.  But I keep (and will keep) my Facebook page because they have some cool games.  What the heck, right?

Yes, I stink at social networking.  I guess it’s because I’m not sociable.  Never have been.  These sorts of things are not for people who are introverts, melancholy and not sanguine.  I don’t fit; I’m the proverbial square peg being shoved into a round hole.  What about you?  How are you at socializing?  Are you outgoing and friendly and energized by contact?  If so, does social networking seem natural to you?  And if you’re more like me (not a hermit, but maybe more shy, reserved, introverted), do you struggle with the idea as much as I do?

Have a great weekend and God bless, all.


Friday Funk and Stuff

Ghost hunters taking an EMF reading which prop...

Well, here it is, Friday, and I’ve got nothing lined up.

Some friends, Ben and Kristy, might have some BIG news later, and I’ll announce that here as soon as I hear anything, but for now, things are pretty quiet.

So, if you’re not into boring, go check out Al Bruno III‘s blog about things he’s found interesting ’round the blogosphere.

I haven’t had a single nibble on the job front since last week’s interview.  I don’t know if that means anything, but it does mean I’m one week closer to running out of unemployment insurance.  I may be able to get an emergency extension, but I can’t tell yet.  The application will automatically be filed, if I understand things correctly.   If you’re the praying type, we can sure use your prayers now.  And know we’ll be praying for you.

In the interim, I just sat through a movie on FEARnet OnDemand called The Baby’s Room.  It was a Spanish movie – both in origin and language – subtitled in English, and I have to say, it was a unique one.  I enjoyed it thoroughly.  It was rated 7 out of 10 by some movie rating thingy, but for me, I give it an 8.  I think the acting was superb, but the subtitles could’ve used a little polishing.  I found missing words and incorrect (if not literal) translations, and would’ve fixed them for a small fee had I been asked.  The plot was predictable, but which ones aren’t?  The execution was carried to the last moment of the movie, and the final scene was poignant.  Very good overall.  Like I said, it’s an 8 to me, and it’s one of the only horror movies I’ve seen lately which I felt satisfied me.  In addition, it was only 77 minutes long.  And that was perfect.

Let’s see, what else?  Hm.  Oh!  I know.  I’ve done absolutely no writing here for a long time.  I’m ready to burst.  I’ve been in a dry spell for months – ask my bud Sherri about what we think of as true writer’s block and she’ll tell ya, we gots it – and it’s driving me nuts.

I’m still trying to get the hang – and the point – of social media like Twitter.  It’s not all that social and I’m not really in a position to market anything right now, so what the heck am I supposed to be doing with it?

I’ve managed to get a chapter or two of Ghost Hunters (my novel, not the TV show) edited this week, and I’m shooting for at least three more this weekend.  I really can’t keep letting myself off the hook with excuses, or it’ll never get finished.  So that’s my goal.  We’ll see come Monday how I did.

Other than that, things are status quo here.  Not much else to tell, gang; I’m boring as ever.

God bless, everyone; have a great weekend.


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