Friday Frolic

Well, Friday has finally gotten here! Not a moment too soon, and perhaps many days too late, but it’s here just the same.

I’ve been banging my head over an interesting problem with attachments and emailing through Lotus Notes from an intranet site. The one I support is largely built with ASP, which was from about 1996 or so, and replaced with ASP.NET in 2002 and after. The site I support was built in 2004, but hey, I didn’t get to pick the technology. My predecessor also had tied hands over what he could spend, probably, and how fast it had to happen.

So it’s my ball of fun now. I have a page which faithfully sends Lotus Notes email through the local machine’s Notes session, but the user can’t attach files to those emails. So I’m struggling to find out how that happens.

I’ve found a lot of information about how to do it, but none of the scripts I located seemed to work for my situation. Or I simply couldn’t figure out how they worked, which was bothering me no end. I can’t support something if I don’t get it.

So I thought about moving this to ASP.NET, but there’s a lot involved in that. I could move just this one page, like I’ve done before, but so far I’m not finding anything I can use “out of the box” (and I really need that, at this point).

So after a week of dizzying highs because of great success with VBA, it’s a hard crash back to reality with ASP.NET/VB.NET. I’m just not there with my skills. I’m just…not quite. Again.

But the weekend is upon us and I’m going to relax and enjoy it. I’ve got to get back to my videos eventually, but really need to think about what I need to see and how to approach my learning to best give me the results I need.

What are you going to do this weekend? Any big plans?

If you’re a Kindle user and are just sitting around reading, all my books are either on sale or free. You can catch ‘em here if you’re interested. (I ‘m no responsible for the Ch’od Action Figure, though. Sorry, WIGSF.)

Have a great weekend, y’all!


I Duditz!

Yes, I finally finished it! I’ve finished the WIP at long, long last!

It took me almost seven months to do it. There were a lot of setbacks along the way. My back pain, things on fire at work, things here which got in the way…but my loving spouse and I stuck with it, and my First Reader LOVED the ending. She actually says it’s perfect. I’m very proud of being able to report that. She’s an avid reader and this isn’t her kind of book. She read – and enjoyed – every word.

Now, the painful process of re-writing what’s broken to fix it begins. I have to address the wonderful edits my readers suggested in the first five chapters, and of course I’ll have to redo chapter six entirely methinks. A bit of relaxation for a week or two and then the process of re-reading it from start to finish begins. Finally, a call to beta readers. That’s a few weeks away yet, I think.

So, that’s what I did over the weekend, and even got to start the plotting and planning for a couple of more books. I hope to have them finished faster than this, but that’s going to mean more careful outlining too. And I’m achin’ to try my new method out too, so we’ll see how that goes.

How was your weekend?


Five Alive

I finished chapter five last night, and I broke ground on six. Or was it seven? I’m starting to lose track.

At this point, I have a brush-through to do on five and it will be ready to go out. So any volunteers, who’d like a place in immortality on the acknowledgements page — and who aren’t doing NaNo this year — please feel free to step forward and raise your hands. I’ll shoot it out either tonight (depending on response) or tomorrow, and then sit back and wait for the feedback.

Unfortunately, this portion of the sotry took a lot longer than I anticipated. It went haywire, actually, and I’m about 25K words in. I’ve just hit the first milestone, though, which means this tome is going to be 100K if I’m true to the percentiles in the story architecture plan I use. I can’t see that happening. I’d love to have this thing out by the end of the year, too (AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! *ahem*… sorry), so I can’t bang away for that long. I really need something else to happen here, and find some ways to trim the word count. My buddy Bryce gave me some good tips, but they’re sort of give-and-take, so I’m not sure they’ll work to trim the fat.

If you see things you feel can go, or if you have suggestions about what might be fluff in Ghosts of Chapters Past, please feel free to comment and I’ll consider all reasonable requests. (Being the author, I know what’s actually key and what ain’t, so I can decipher the suggestions accurately.)

Thanks again, special readers, and as always, sign up in the comments section below to get your loss leader copy of the next chapter. I think I’ll do this through chapter six, then go it alone with your suggestions to guide me, but if anyone thinks that’s a lousy idea, let me know.

Take care and thank you a thousand times, effendis.


Round Two, Readers! Ready?

I had a pretty busy weekend. That sounds crazy, I know, but mostly I was busy with things which involve lots of a$$-sitting.

I managed to get my new WIP updated with several things. For one, all the awesome, awesome feedback I got from the readers who stepped in and said they’d give that feedback proved more helpful than I can express. It was so awesome to have the feedback of readers rather than writers for this particular application. I still have a lot of work to do as a writer, but knowing how readers view my work is a good thing, IMO. I can more properly target how I work my stories so the readers get the fulfillment they want from the story, to leave them satisfied.

My precious and first reader, however, provided the best feedback so far, because she’s intimately involved with the writing process as it unfolds. She’s given me some real pointers which I feel make the story stronger. So, I’ll be ready to have other folks read Chapter Two by the end of the week. Any takers? (I’m hoping the same readers will come ‘round again, so I can get consistent views of the piece.)

I’m working with a new software package too. It’s called Power Writer, and I have to say it’s pretty amazing. While it has the ability to break things down into Acts, Chapters, and then scenes, it’s also able to add the plot point milestones I love so much. Then, all I have to do is write to those milestones. I never get lost in my story, but I don’t need a big detailed outline to plan the life of my projects, either. Win-win! Maybe I’ll give a full review soon, if anyone’s interested. But it’s pricey, so maybe not.

I added another chapter to the WIP; that’s the important thing. So today’s post is all about my call for my readers to again volunteer for another look.

How was your weekend?


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Thanks, Readers!

Hey, Guys, thanks so much for getting involved and helping me with reading the first chapter of my new book. I really appreciate it.

If you’re a reader and want to provide me with your feedback, just drop me a note from the contact page on my blog and I’ll fire off a copy of it in the word processor format of your choice. PLEASE be sure to tell me which one, though. For all I know, your email systems are blocking what I send you because you aren’t able to receive more than one attachment from the same person. I dunno.

Anyway, if you can all get back to me by Sunday evening (US CDT) that’d be much appreciated. Meantime, I guess I’ll press on.

Have an awesome day and thank you again.

God bless,


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