Inexorable Monday

Well, I put yet another short story collection up on Amazon’s Kindle store over the weekend, and the reception’s been quite warm. It went up on Friday, the launch promotion went live on Saturday (wherein it’s free for five days), and so far, I’ve gotten 140 downloads. Not bad. Not as jaw-dropping as when picked my books up, but not too shabby just the same. I’ve also opted to promote this one on Twitter. I didn’t do that with the last couple and they didn’t seem to take off as well. Not bad, but not well. So we’ll see if this helps. I guess. It should pay off sometime, right? Maybe? Ah well. It’s been fun anyway.

I’ve noticed a tiny bit of trickle-down to other stories, too. Not much, but a trickle of trickle. I’ve sold a handful of not-free books, but I’m not going to be able to retire on my writing’s earnings anytime soon. Still, it’s something, and the more readers with my work in their hands, the better.

I might’ve done a better job pimping the book on this blog too. I don’t know how many “followers” I have, but every little bit helps, so I might just do that next time.

For the record, it’s called Shudderbugs and already has a five-star review! W00T!

Speaking of reviews, my buddy and loyal fan Raga has posted a review for me too, on The Case of Lenny Tiggleman – in which she appears as a character! Thanks, Raga! God bless ya, darlin’! I really appreciate it.

Other than that, I did absolutely nothing over the weekend except shoot off a message by my buddy Bryce, who hasn’t responded yet. I hope to hear back from him about helping him get the sequel to his novel “Oasis” out in early April. Hey, B, let me know what’s up, brother.

I’ve got to get back to my training videos, but LORD HELP ME, I can’t seem to find the motivation to do it. The prospect of sitting through them and taking notes excites me about as much as the idea of having my gums scraped.

On the other hand, I’ve fashioned yet another book cover for a new short story I’m mulling. I hoped the cover would spark inspiration. And it would be sci-fi/horror, maybe. Something scary in space, y’know? And it would be a short story, so I can peck at it a little at a time. But I really need to pump out a full-length novel sometime. I just can’t ever seem to block out enough time to do so. Can you say “time management”? I knew y’could.

Anyway, I hope you had a nice weekend, and Bob, I hope your bachelor party was a blast, bud. I’d have been there if I could.

Take care and see you next time, everyone.


“The Case of Lenny Tiggleman” is now LIVE

Hey, y’all!

Guess what? I’ve got another story out on Kindle!

The Kindle store released my latest short story, The Case of Lenny Tiggleman, and from today (March 5, 2013) until Saturday (March 9, 2013), you can have it for FREE!

The promotion will run from Tuesday, March 5, through Saturday, March 9, 2013. During this time the book is free, and thereafter will be 99¢!

Get your copy here while it’s hot!

“Siren Lake” is now LIVE! (…and priced correctly!)

My newest release, Siren Lake, is now live on Amazon’s Kindle store for a paltry 99 cents (as opposed to the 99 dollars I erroneously tagged it with before)!

Once again, here’s the blurb and link:

Siren Lake


Tam is a curious soul. When she overhears some small town teens talk about a monster in a nearby lake, it’s more than she can resist. Then she finds out the lake has been closed for years. The town’s drying up because of it, and plenty of people have gone missing on or near that lake. What’s happening, and why? Is the monster legend real?

When Tam tries to unearth the truth, the lake ranger steps in to put a stop to her digging. But Tam’s never been one to just give up and go home. She’ll find out what’s happening at Siren Lake, or die trying.

As a reminder, the story will be FREE tomorrow (hrk! another mistake!), but feel free to pick up beforehand if you’d like. I won’t object. 😉


This, that, and the other…

Hey, got a couple of quick things for you today. Not much. Don’t want to get in the way of your weekend.

Did you notice this…?

Guess what? I’ve been doing some writing exercises. Just staying loose, really, but some of them have morphed into sort of vignettes. I don’t think they’re stories, really.

Matter of fact, I posted one today for #FridayFlash. Check it out if you’re a mind to. Let me know your thoughts too.

I posted one on Wednesday night too, to not much fanfare. It was the first thing  I’ve posted in a while, if I recall correctly.

Speaking of that…

I’m seriously considering starting a new novel. I haven’t started a new one since late 2007. That one’s languishing in the unfinished pile because it needs work. Lots of work. And I’m a little daunted by the amount of work.

My current “manuscript” didn’t seem to hold up to the editing process too well. I put it up against the four-part story structure, and it’s missing the last half of Act II, a pinch point, a second plot point, and the entire climax has to be redone. With all that going on, I don’t know if the story’s worth fixing.

I’m thinking of calling for people to look at it as is and tell me if they think it should be salvaged. But most people I know who could do that are writers and don’t have enough time in their schedules to do that. So I’m sort of drumming my fingers, thinking about what to do on it. Rewriting the last half of the book and making it worth submitting is more exhausting in my mind than starting over.

Thoughts on that?

And the other…

I got a call on Wednesday from the company with whom I interviewed a week ago Thursday (May 6). They wanted to let me know they opted for another candidate.

Story of my life, yo.

I’m not upset though. I just have to start this whole process over and keep at it until something breaks. Or, you know … we have to move into a cardboard box.

If you’re the praying type, we can sure use it.

OH, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Onyx! May it be the best and grandest you’ve ever had. 🙂

That’s all, folks!

Have a great weekend, everyone, and I’ll talk to you again next week.


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Weekend’s Here!

Hey, everyone, just a brief update today – it’s Friday, and that means #FridayFlash has been posted right here on my fiction blog. Go check it out if you’re interested. I went away from horror this time. I sort of have this story going on in my head – though not all the details are worked out – along the lines of a fantasy-western, cowboys-and-dragons thing. I have a story planned out, but nothing written except one vignette I did a while back. It’s on my short stories page and it’s called “Western-Fantasy Vignette”. If you’re interested, today’s entry would be the opening for that book.

Nothing doin’ here but the same-ol’ same 0l’. How ‘bout you? Plans for the weekend? What’s on your docket?

Have a good one and I’ll see y’all on Monday. Be safe and God bless.