I Duditz!

*Whew!* That was close!

I didn’t think I was going to get my #FridayFlash done this week, but I did it. Yes, it’s late, yes, I probably won’t get many views, but I did write something. It’s just short of 1k this time, but I’m not going to quibble. I wrote it and posted it and put it in the collector.

Better late than never, right?

Hope you all have an exciting weekend ahead if you’re into that sort of thing, and if you’re not may you have the exact kind of weekend you are into.

God bless and I’ll see you all Monday.


#FridayFlash: Finally Up!

Hey, whattaya know!  I finally got my #fridayflash piece written and posted!  How exciting, right? Right?!

C’mon, humor me.

Anyway, I’m hoping all of you had a happy Thanksgiving and are even now gorging yourselves on leftover turkey, stuffing and trimmings, slipping once again into a blissful food coma. I hope there’s no room left in your hearts for anymore joy and love and happiness because you’re too full from what’s already there.

God bless and have a great weekend. I’ll talk to all of you on Monday, and please – let me know what you think of the story if you have time to read it. It’s right here on my fiction blog.

See ya!


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#fridayflash: New Stuff Up

I’ve posted my new piece for #fridayflash over on my fiction blog.  If you’re so inclined, head over and have a gander.  I’d love to know what you all think.

My confidence in myself as a writer is a little shaken recently, but I haven’t been able to identify why.  I’m just not feeling up to snuff; like I’m not doing as well as I was just a couple of months ago from a prose standpoint.  I don’t know – I’ve lost a step, maybe.  Not that I had a step….

Still, this one comes with thanks only to my beloved and first reader, who told me to cut my darlings until I bleed.  I didn’t agree with her decisions but did it anyway.  She says it’s better; I guess I’ll let the feedback decide.

Anyway, have a great weekend, y’all.


Out of Excuses

Halloween icon

I didn’t prepare any blog posts for this week as I normally do over the weekend.

I’m not sure why, but this weekend brought me one of the worst cases of blasé I’ve ever had.  Okay, one of the worst cases I could be bothered to try and remember.  And yet, with the boredom, came an antsy, edgy nervousness I couldn’t shake.  It was creepy in a way.

I feel the impending weight of winter in the air.  The chill nights, the crisp air.  It’s going cold faster than I remember in some time, which doesn’t bode well for a short, warm winter, but that didn’t have much to do with how I felt.  At least, I don’t think so.

Quite a few times I sat down at the computer to write something – just a short story – and couldn’t get my fingers moving on the keyboard.  My first excuse was not being able to decide on a tool.  Of all the lame excuses, how lame is that one?  I have more software for writers than anyone I know, and I can’t decide on one?  I have no fewer than nine software packages designed to make writing easier.  And I have Microsoft Word, and Corel Wordperfect.  I can’t pick a software package?  Really?  Seriously?

Then I decided I was still “brewing” the idea.  It wasn’t ready to come out of my head yet; still incubating, if you will.  All weekend.  A short story – more of a vignette, in truth – and it’s not ready yet.  Whatever.

Then I decided I’d compare it to my new story structure method and see if it needed anything.  A short story needs proper structure and planning too, y’know.  What impact would it have?  What impact did I want it to have?  How would I execute it?  Would I go with first person POV or a tight third person?  (This is a joke; I always knew this story would be in first person.  It sorta has to be.)

Next I decided I wanted to add a creepy twist, sort of theme this for Halloween.  So, I came up with a nice twist in about three minutes.  Oh, but that wasn’t enough, no.  I had to think about the ending.  I had to think about the storyline.  So that meant lying down and … you know.  Thinking. It looks like sleep.  It’s not, philistines, it’s thinking. It’s writing.  Kinda.

Then I decided maybe I’d submit it for a contest entry over on deviantART.  Normally, I don’t enter contests on dA, because I … well, frankly, I suck.  I always lose.  So I’m not sure I wanted to do that.

So then I decided I had it all worked out.  I didn’t get far with holding it up to the 4-part story structure method.  I did, however, work out how the story will go, more or less.  Some details are missing, but I’m not even sure they’re necessary.  So then you know what I did?

I started debating whether I wanted this creepy, Halloween-themed story to be my first attempt at publication.  I considered The Absent Willow Review for publishing it.  Anyone familiar with them?  Are they legit?  Anyone know how I can find out?  So, if not them, who?  And I if I do submit it I can’t publish it on my blog.  So by now it’s Sunday night, late, and I’m sitting here blogging instead.

Did I ever write that story?

How will you know?  I said I might not publish it on my fiction blog.  So how would you know?  I could say yes and you’d never know if I told the truth or not, would ya?

How’s that for a twist ending?  Neener neener!

How was your weekend?  What’d you all do?


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General Updates

August Derleth, probably in the 1930s. Derleth...
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Sorry, gang, I have nothing to say today.  Not that I know of, anyway.  So, for some general life updates.

I haven’t had the success with my new resume I hoped for.  Big surprise there.  I’m still hopeful and optimistic and all that crap, but not only is this discouraging it’s getting frightening.  Time is of the essence and I can’t seem to generate a nibble.  Keep a good thought or if you’re the praying kind, please remember us in prayer.  It’s all we’ve got right now.

I’ve been outlining a continuation of the novella (novelette? short story?) The Strange Case of Benny Rogers.  I have no idea why.  It was a really fun project to write, and I’ve provided a rough outline for about five more parts to it.  If I can keep all the parts the same general word count (the first story was 16,500, roughly), then I have about five, maybe six more parts.  That translates to about 82K before editing.  Figure I can get that down to inside 80K pretty easily, not much work there.  Cut out the draggy parts, maybe clean up the language (though I’m wont to do that; I like the grittiness and street-level feel of the story and character), and I’ll have no problem getting the thing down to slim manuscript size.  Problem is, I don’t want to dive into yet another project; I’d rather just … finish what I’ve started.  But I’m not doing that so … eh, dilemma.  Such is life, right?

Let’s see … I’m not making anywhere near satisfactory progress on my reading expedition.  I have a ton of books and haven’t even finished the first one.  It’s a collection of stories by someone being passed off as H. P. Lovecraft, but it’s not him.  It’s a man named August Derleth, a literary student and friend of Lovecraft, who wrote the stories from scraps and notes left by H. P. when he kicked the bucket.  The book itself is great; it’s like Lovecraft with better storytelling technique.  The style is so similar I didn’t pick up it wasn’t Lovecraft until I realized he was doing some show-not-tell, a sure sign you’re not reading Lovecraft, and the dialog was decent – a dead giveaway you’re not reading Lovecraft.  So overall, I like the book.  It’s the shortest book I got from the library and it’s taken more than a week for me to get near the end.  I dunno.  I used to read so much faster.  *Sigh*

My beloved told you we replaced our cable/DVR unit, right?  She did.  Having the remote actually do something – and being able to actually watch a show on it – is just heaven.  Ahh … sigh of relief!

Nothing else to say, really.

Maybe no post tomorrow, and I’ll fire up the Cast o’ Characters next week.

God bless.