It’s Official, and Officially Finished

Well, it’s finally done — officially, that is.

Today we received our new chairs for our team. We got new “hi-tech,” “ergonomic” chairs (mine is less comfortable than the old leather one I had before), and now, we’re all matchy-matchy. Isn’t that nice.

So, the relocation of our business group is concluded. Tomorrow (Thursday), my boss returns from his sales-a-palooza and will empty his office over the next couple of days. We got his chair for him today, and parked it in his coat closet new office.

I also finished something today. I did it, without having to resort to calling someone, asking on the Internet, or copying and pasting my predecessor’s junk and tweaking it. Somehow, I made it work all on my own, using the new technology, and I feel pretty doggone good about that.

I don’t know why, though. This is what’s expected of me, and I have to deliver.

No writing lately. I’ve been too busy, and all day today I was fighting back a migraine, so no dice there.

We’ll see what tomorrow holds.

Talk to you on the far side of the sunset.


Quick Hit and Random Stuff

Nothing to say, really; just a little brain stew.

SSRLP is kickin’ my a$$. No two ways about it.

WIGSF has a really nice post today. Go check it out and get a smile on.

My beloved did her usual Tuesday Tootsie, so you can go see some strange and unique shoes if you’re a mind to. Remember they’re women’s shoes though.

I got some bad news on the employment front (or UNemployment front, I guess), so if you’re the praying type, we need all of that you can spare. And any money you can spare would be welcome too. (HA! Wacka wacka wacka! Insert rim-shot here.)

How ‘bout some poetry? Check out Jaymie’s blog or Danielle’s blog. Or go see Louise Dragon (Weezel) or Al Bruno III for some intriguing and unique stories. Linda did a nice little fun exercise a few days ago; you writers can check it out here.

Sorry, not much else going on today. A lot of worry and stress. A lot of graying hair. A lot of fear and panic.

How’s it by you?



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Stressful Day

Stress Reduction Kit

Yesterday was a high-stress affair for me.

I can’t get into the specifics, but suffice to say I worked myself into a complete froth over what will likely be nothing yesterday.  I spilled some of that stress over onto my wife and kids, unfortunately, but they all seemed not to notice.  (I’m not sure how to take that.)

My wife did ask a couple of times if I was okay.  When I told her no, I most certainly was not okay, she asked why.  When I tried to explain ….

I realized how stupid I was being almost immediately.  But man, I couldn’t help it.  I just kept right on being stressed, being frazzled, being worried.  Today, I’m still feeling that way a little.  I played with the kids some and they did great.  I feel bad for being snappy at everyone (which is the sign I’m under some sort of duress), and want to make it up to them today.  I figure some good, quality play time with the kids and pitching in to help Falcon get some computer- and relaxation-time will somewhat atone for my sins, but she’s really lousy at letting me make things up to her.  Here’s hoping.

No one got mad.  No one even said anything.  I spent time addressing one of the areas of stress with Falcon and praying about a big decision causing the stress, and afterward, felt a little better.  Sent an email, did some research … ah, that’s better.  Not relieved of the stress, but it’s manageable from here.

Of course, nothing’s changed in my situation.  I still am not working, and the uncertainties of that remain.  But now I feel today is a day when I can look at a couple of things and take care of them, and get myself into a better place.  I hope.

How about you?  How do you manage your stress, your tough emotional times when you feel caught between a rock and a hard place?  What’s your trick for getting out of the vicious cycle of worry and hand-wringing?

Any tips, greatly appreciated.


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Manning the Controls

View through the Glass Floor of the CN Tower i...

I have a confession to make.

But first, a little background.

Man, I love control.  I like to control situations, people, circumstances, the remote for the TV … anything.  Everything.  I love me some control, baby.  Whenever there’s a genuine, bona fide source of frustration in my life, I can probably trace it – if I put the effort into doing so – back to lack of control over something.  When I was younger, and in the middle of a separation from what would become my ex-wife, I went to pastoral counseling.  The man I counseled with told me that’s the primary reason people lose their temper, too – loss of control over something they want control over, be that a person, situation or object.  Car breaks down on the highway, makes you late for work, and what do you do?  Bang the steering wheel in frustration.  Doesn’t help the car, but makes you feel better, don’t it?  (Well, maybe not you, but certainly me.  Heh.)

I love control, yessirree.

But I have to confess something: I surrender a whole lot of control in my life.

Some things, I can’t control no matter how I try.  The weather.  Traffic.  Gas prices.  Rent.  The behavior and temperament of others … though sometimes I can have an influence on that.  Other things, I want to control, even if it’s not within my ability to at the moment.  When I have the chance, I’d like to take those bulls by the horns and steer ‘em.  My job situation, for one thing.  My income.  My living situation.   Those sorts of things I’m not able to change right now – haven’t been able to for years – but man, I’d really like to.

Still other things I can control, but don’t.  My weight.  Smoking.  My sleep patterns (especially now, when I’m out of work, and they’re completely wonky).  My language … I have a foul, foul mouth and despite being a writer, who should have a better arsenal of words to use, I just … don’t.

I surrender control in most of those areas because of laziness.  But sometimes, I surrender them because of fear.

I’m horribly acrophobic.  Can’t. Do. Heights.  Period.  I’ve tried to overcome it.  I’ve tried to confront it.  As I get older, it seems to be getting worse.  I surrender control there.  It stops me from going to amusement parks, hanging Christmas lights, taking a job as a painter, and tarring roofs.  I tried helping some friends paint their two-story farmhouse once years ago, and I couldn’t climb beyond the second scaffold platform.  I just couldn’t.  I’d lock up and not be able to move.  I couldn’t make myself climb.  I can’t be a line tech for the power company or do anything involving climbing to any significant height.  I just can’t do it.

But the control I surrender isn’t just limiting in some ways, it impacts my life in profound ways sometimes.  And it frustrates and angers me because I don’t like surrendering the control.

What about you?  What sorts of things are you frustrated by?  What things take control from you which you feel you should have?


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Friday Funk and Stuff

Ghost hunters taking an EMF reading which prop...

Well, here it is, Friday, and I’ve got nothing lined up.

Some friends, Ben and Kristy, might have some BIG news later, and I’ll announce that here as soon as I hear anything, but for now, things are pretty quiet.

So, if you’re not into boring, go check out Al Bruno III‘s blog about things he’s found interesting ’round the blogosphere.

I haven’t had a single nibble on the job front since last week’s interview.  I don’t know if that means anything, but it does mean I’m one week closer to running out of unemployment insurance.  I may be able to get an emergency extension, but I can’t tell yet.  The application will automatically be filed, if I understand things correctly.   If you’re the praying type, we can sure use your prayers now.  And know we’ll be praying for you.

In the interim, I just sat through a movie on FEARnet OnDemand called The Baby’s Room.  It was a Spanish movie – both in origin and language – subtitled in English, and I have to say, it was a unique one.  I enjoyed it thoroughly.  It was rated 7 out of 10 by some movie rating thingy, but for me, I give it an 8.  I think the acting was superb, but the subtitles could’ve used a little polishing.  I found missing words and incorrect (if not literal) translations, and would’ve fixed them for a small fee had I been asked.  The plot was predictable, but which ones aren’t?  The execution was carried to the last moment of the movie, and the final scene was poignant.  Very good overall.  Like I said, it’s an 8 to me, and it’s one of the only horror movies I’ve seen lately which I felt satisfied me.  In addition, it was only 77 minutes long.  And that was perfect.

Let’s see, what else?  Hm.  Oh!  I know.  I’ve done absolutely no writing here for a long time.  I’m ready to burst.  I’ve been in a dry spell for months – ask my bud Sherri about what we think of as true writer’s block and she’ll tell ya, we gots it – and it’s driving me nuts.

I’m still trying to get the hang – and the point – of social media like Twitter.  It’s not all that social and I’m not really in a position to market anything right now, so what the heck am I supposed to be doing with it?

I’ve managed to get a chapter or two of Ghost Hunters (my novel, not the TV show) edited this week, and I’m shooting for at least three more this weekend.  I really can’t keep letting myself off the hook with excuses, or it’ll never get finished.  So that’s my goal.  We’ll see come Monday how I did.

Other than that, things are status quo here.  Not much else to tell, gang; I’m boring as ever.

God bless, everyone; have a great weekend.


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