The Grind of Hypocrisy

Well, Hell Week continues.

One of the things about this event at work is, the food. I’ve gained back every ounce I lost since December and then some, I’m sure. But next week I will diet and exercise my literal a$$ off.

So far, I’ve had one of the team members drag my boss aside and ask if I was ticked off because I was short and brusque with him. He neglected to say he’d been a jerk and tense with everyone the day before. He also touched me and I wanted to be clear in body language and facial expression he should not do it again. It worked. But my boss did ask me – without reprimanding in any way – to make an effort not to be a jacka$$. So I told him I would and I did.

I would normally be surprised this dick had the temerity to try and accuse me of being nasty when he was, but these people are jerks and I don’t know how to like them when I simply…don’t.Last night we had a good amount of social time. There are fourteen (14) people who came along for this event this time. We thought the eight they brought in March was excessive. We barely have enough space in our office to accommodate them all. My part isn’t going swimmingly but not horribly either. Meanwhile, all the work I had to do over the weekend is out in the world now, and the accuracy of it is anyone’s guess. My boss probably didn’t check the data as I asked. He’s been spread a little thin this week too. So here’s hoping everything went all right with the programming things I had to do. If not the big-wigs I have to send it to on Friday will probably give him a reaming, and that will be bad. Especially since he expects me to be able to do this by now.

Today I stared at reports all day. And it sucked like a Kirby.

Tomorrow, I will stare at reports all day. It will suck. My back is complaining LOUDLY about the uncomfortable chairs too. And standing doesn’t do me any favors, so I have no idea what I’m supposed to do to appease my back.

On the upside, did I mention the food? Last night’s dinner was Teriyaki Steak from a Benihana-style Japanese steak house. The show wasn’t great, but the food was excellent. And Sapporo is my new favorite beer. It tasted like beer is supposed to taste, to me.

How’s it going your way?


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3 thoughts on “The Grind of Hypocrisy

  1. Is it selfish of me to say I love your rant posts? I do.

    Haven’t got to your chapters yet, am I too late?

    Ah, it’s never too late. I’m glad you like the rants, D. 🙂 I’m rather fond of them myself, I must say.

  2. I haven’t tried Sapporo…I’ll have to give it a shot. I did have a nice sake last week though when we had a friend over for some sushi. Good stuff. 🙂

    Not a big sashimi fan myself, but all-rice and some of the cooked sushi might be nice. I haven’t tried them yet. I’ll let you know. 😉 But give Sapporo a try, I liked it and I’m not a fan of beer.

  3. Not a beer fan. Hard liquor, all the way.

    Some people don’t realize that they’re being jackasses though. It’s just how they are, and they don’t see anything wrong with it. Either because they don’t acknowledge it, no one has pointed it out, or they’re just a dick and wouldn’t listen anyway.

    I keep hoping I’m not a dick. I really don’t want to be a dick. Someone once told me dicks do not worry about whether they are dicks, and therefore I was not, but he and I had a disagreement and now I bet his answer would change. But I don’t want to be a dick. I certainly, however, wouldn’t have won any awards for maturity and handling myself appropriately. I can’t let others have that sort of impact on me, because sure as poop stinks, it will come back on ME and NEVER on the instigator. 😦

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